FSB officers detained five members of an extremist group who were preparing terrorist attacks in Moscow and Ingushetia. Their inspiration was the emissary of the “Islamic state”, Zubiri Kutiev, liquidated in early October during a special operation in Ingushetia.

“The FSB in implementing a complex quickly-investigation actions to disrupt the activities of groups established to commit crimes of terrorist and extremist nature on the territory of Ingushetia in Moscow. This group is associated with international terrorist organization “Islamic state”, – quotes “Interfax” the message of the center of public relations of FSB of the Russian Federation.

In the house, sheltering alleged terrorists, and in specially equipped caches were found five firearms and two ready-to-use explosive devices weighing 10 kg of TNT each. In addition, the detainees discovered self-made detonators, component parts for pipe bombs and ammunition for various weapons. A criminal case on article 205.5 – participation in the activities of a terrorist organisation, banned in Russia.

Three participants (two men and one woman) of the same group were killed on 7 October during a special operation in Nazran. From the house where the militants were blocked, after negotiations brought five children.

According to RBC, one of the militants liquidated, the emissary of ISIS, Zubairi Soutien arrived from Syria for “the resumption of terrorist activities on the territory of the Republic”. The Agency reported that in Nazran was eliminated not three, but four suspects, two refused to surrender and was shot dead in Ghazi-Yurt during the same operation.

And yesterday, the newspaper “Kommersant reported about the arrest in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg guards, taxi drivers and dealers ware, who planned the attacks. It was alleged that the natives of the Central Asian republics were not religious fanatics, but were going to join the banned in Russia “Islamic state” to evade prosecution at home. They seized Kalashnikov assault rifles and homemade bombs.

The FSB announced the arrest of ISIS supporters who were preparing a terrorist attack in Moscow 15.11.2016

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