Employees of the Federal security service had “sealed” the hospital room in the psychiatric ward of “Butyrka”, which is the chief of the interagency cooperation and private security Investigative Committee Mikhail Maksimenko, told the radio station Business FM , attorney Alexander Vershinin.

Together with the lawyer to Maksimenko tried to get members of the Public Supervisory Commission Zoya Svetova and Anna Karetnikova. The report on the website “Open Russia” Svetova writes that Maksimenko is lying in hospital “Butyrka”, which locals call “cat’s house” and the house itself with the designation “SK”, which means – for the suicidal.

According to the lawyer, Maksimenko they tried to get the night before, October 18. He and his colleague Victoria Rudzynsky and PMC members asked to bring Maksimenko for the meeting from the chamber to the investigative office, which is located in another part of the remand centre. However, the request was refused.

In “Butyrka” explained that the chamber is “sealed”. They whole day was a kind of Commission, there were employees of FSB, they sealed the chamber, and at night put her guards from the Federal penitentiary service, which change every four hours. On the morning of October 19, Maksimenko again had to come to the FSB.

“This is all nonsense. What do you mean “the camera is sealed and we have no right to open her up?” A living person sealed? You take it in the Deposit box, close and seal. In fact, he now sits in the safe, one. It is not even the 37th year. It’s science fiction”, – said the lawyer Vershinin.

According to him, Maksimenko come employees of the Department “M” FSB, which carries out counter-intelligence software. “Including the Federal penitentiary service of the Ministry of justice, it embodied for them, so any head (edps) is shaking, when it comes to employee management “M”. Therefore, they will run, what FSB it is legal or illegal,” the lawyer explained.

In early October, “Novaya Gazeta” wrote that during the conversation of the members of the PMC with the arrested the first Deputy head of the investigative Department of the Investigative Committee in Moscow by Denis Nikandrova became known that Maksimenko had used psychotropic substances. “Maksimenko after that didn’t remember his name, did not recognize anyone. So very need they had something to learn from him,” said Nikandrov.

Later, on 17 October, the Deputy head of the Moscow ONK eve Markachev after visiting Maksimenko reportedthat he was transferred to the psychiatric Department of the “Butyrki” for the survey. According to her, Maksimenko lost 15 pounds, “bad goes, bad speaking, can not write.” Changes in behavior Maksimenko, according to the attorney Vershinin, took place after the interrogation by the FSB.

“The FSB has nothing to Maksimenko. . They flatten them break for one reason – so they wrote a confession,” – said the lawyer. Originally Maksimenko was detained in the SIZO “Lefortovo” but, after complaints from lawyers and members of the PMC, he was transferred to “the Prison” and then was taken to the psychiatric ward of this detention facility.

“No invalid measures of exposure to (Maximenko) was not provided and not provided. This kind of statements the Agency considers unfounded, which is confirmed by medical research,” – said the press-Bureau FSIN of 19 October, reports “Interfax”.

Maksimenko, Nikandrov and Alexander Samonov, former Deputy head of the Department of interagency cooperation and private security of the UK, was arrested on charges of receiving a bribe from the thief in law Shakro Young, who was asked by the SC to settle the matter of his accomplice.

About the conspiracy of the generals SK FSB learned via wiretapping conversations of the accused. According to RBC, a key role in the plan to liberate accomplices Shakro Young played Maksimenko. The newspaper’s sources called Maksimenko one of the most influential members of the Investigative Committee.

According to the site Crimerussia.ruin the first years of life in Moscow – the capital Maksimenko moved in 2007 – he “in fact was the personal bodyguard,” the Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin. Maksimenko was “the man who every morning, first greeted the head of the Department, and at the end of the day the last goodbye with him.”

Earlier Nikandrov wrote Bastrykin with a request to take their business at the FSB and get it under control. Nikandrov said that the case against the generals SK was instituted as a result of “the conflict of the individual representatives of the Department “M” FSB and Department of own safety of the TFR”. Nikandrov wrote that the cause of the conflict was that Maksimenko “did not go on about the FSB with appointments to bodies SK”, reminiscent of the TV channel “Rain”.

Nikandrov, Maksimenko and Limonov are accused of committing a crime under article 290 UK “bribe reception in especially large scale, committed by a person holding a public office”. They allegedly received a bribe from a crime boss Shakro Young, which paid the UK that have helped to liberate his accomplice Andrew Kochanova.

Kochunov was arrested as part of the investigation of the shooting at the Moscow restaurant “Elements”, which was attended by supporters Shakro. Crime boss instructed to solve the problem with the investigation in respect of Coconova Director of chop Dmitry Zvantseva, who was familiar Maksimenko. Maksimenko has agreed to help Zvantseva for five million dollars and asked the Deputy head of the Department of insurance in Moscow, Denis Nikandrov to join the deal, according to the FSB.

The FSB had “sealed” the psych ward with the head of the security service of SK in “Butyrka” 19.10.2016

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