Vyborgsky district court of St. Petersburg on Tuesday, may 16, refused to management of FSB across the Belgorod region the right to collect 26 thousand legal costs with Petersburger Valery Ostryakov, which is from February last year sued the Department, trying to access the cause of the repressed grandfather.

“About the reasons for the decision of the court we’ll know when we get to the full text of the decision, but I can assume that the reason for the refusal was the inability of our opponents to document expenses and submit to the court the required volume of written evidence,” – said RBC head of the human rights of “Team 29″ the lawyer, Ivan Pavlov.

Vasily Stefanovich Wits was convicted in 1943 on article 58-1 of the RSFSR criminal code “high treason”. In 1998, the Belgorod regional Prosecutor’s office denied his rehabilitation. The FSB refused to provide information about the case Ostryakova, great-grandson attempts to appeal this decision in court was unsuccessful.

The amount involved in the lawsuit, was formed from the cost of the tickets in a compartment car, accommodation and subsistence for the employee of the Belgorod Department of the FSB, who came to Petersburg to participate in the trials. “In a crisis, the employee of FSB could choose a more economical way to travel than compartment car, there was no need to stay in the Department – the courts lasted one day,” – said in comments the newspaper “Kommersant” lawyer “Team 29″ Maxim Olenichev. – Besides, based on the principle of justice enshrined in the code, you cannot recover from the pensioner money spent from the budget when the budget is filled at the expense of his taxes.”

According to Olenicheva, the requirement for reimbursement is a way to put pressure on the family Astrakhovych “to discourage them to keep trying to get the FSB information about their relative.”

Of Vasily Ostrakova known that he came from the middle peasants were literate, non-partisan and married. He was accused of that, “fulfilling the tasks of the German command”, surrendered to the invaders 50 head of cattle, seized someone else’s cow and bowed to him to cohabit. At the trial of his guilt he did not recognize. It was found that the Manager of the farm during the occupation, he was selected by his fellow villagers.

Ostrikov was serving a sentence in Sredneuralskim construction camp “Dallag” and died after a year and a half. The widow sent his false teeth. The graves of prisoners of the camp were not preserved.

Currently, the Russian legislation regulates access to the case files of rehabilitated persons, there is provision for the interior Ministry, FSB and the Ministry of culture on access to archives. However, business people in rehabilitation which was denied and those whose cases have not yet been revised, fall out of the legal field. Human rights activists believe that in this case, should apply the provisions of the law on archives, but intelligence agencies hold a different opinion. The courts support them.

The FSB has failed to punish the ruble of St. Petersburg, trying to learn the fate of the repressed grandfather 17.05.2017

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