The Ukrainian defense Ministry and the security service of Ukraine denied reports circulated by the Federal security service of the Russian Federation information on the prevention of terrorist attack in Crimea, as Secretary of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov called the statement of the FSB “provocative nonsense”. About it it is spoken in his statement published on the website of the NSDC.

According to Turchynov, this is another element of a hybrid war and the attempt
to aggravate the situation on the Peninsula. “Hysterical and false
statement of the Federal security service of the Russian Federation has no
reason, in addition to attempts of the invaders to escalate and aggravate the situation on
temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories”, – said in a statement
Secretary of the NSDC.

According to him, last year none of the employees of the Main Department
intelligence (Gur) of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine was detained in the Crimea.
“This provocative nonsense FSB is an element of a hybrid war,
waged by Russia against our country”, – said Turchinov.

Adviser to the head of SBU Yury tandit said that “Ukraine does not capture and
returns the power of their territory, and will not do it.” “We are not
returned by force our territory. It is ours, and so, by the right of ownership”, – quotes the statement of Tandit, the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”.

In a statement published on the website of the Ministry of defence of Ukraine said that the statements of the FSB are trying to justify the relocation and the aggressive actions of the military units of the Russian Federation on the temporarily occupied territory of the Peninsula.”

“Thus the representatives of the Russian special services trying to distract
the attention of the local population and the international community from criminal
of action for the transformation of the Peninsula in an isolated military base,” – said in a statement.

The Agency added that the charges in the implementation of fire
of the Peninsula with mainland Ukraine are groundless”.
“Crimea always was and remains the Ukrainian land, and the population of the Peninsula
are citizens of Ukraine”, – reads the statement of the Ministry of defense.

The speaker of the Ukrainian General staff Vladislav Seleznev is also called statements
the Russian side provocation. “Four days FSB waited, and then
there is information that cruised in the social sets. But
just yesterday the representative of the Gur of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine Vadim Skibitskiy
made a statement that on the territory of the occupied Crimea, the FSB conducts
anti-terrorist exercises. It is possible that this message (FSB
Russia) lies in the informational component of carrying out these
exercise” – quoted Selezneva

The FSB arrested the organizer of sabotage, fought in the Donbass and led the “Self-defence Energodar”

According to Evgeny Panov, a resident of Zaporizhia region, 1977
birth, which the FSB called one of the organizers of the attacks,
according to Ukrainian “Vesti” with reference to his friends, is a resident of Zaporizhzhya city
Energodar and was known there as an activist and participant of anti-terrorist operation (ATO), the authorities of Ukraine officially called the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

According to the Ukrainian edition of”Country”, headed by the lords of local “Self-defence”, does volunteer work, runs a charity organization “EO Heroes of Ukraine” (the Network organization with the same name
is not sought. –, leads an active social
activities in Energodar. Prior to that, he worked as a transport driver
shop at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant.

“Unfortunately, the information was confirmed that he was arrested, but no one
this we did not know – neither his mother nor his wife. A week ago he
he was at work. A mystery to us, how it got there, what a band
people, what is the purpose – ask each other questions”, – told “Vesti”
the Deputy head of the veteran organization of Energodar Yaroslav Derkach.

According to him, the past three days with Evgeny Panov was no connection.
“According to latest information, he could be in the hospital in Zaporozhye, wanted
go to a military hospital. Jack was one of the founders of public
organization uniting local ATU members and volunteers. It
he served in Zaporizhia 37th battalion, indeed in intelligence, but
a common soldier. He is no supersingular, a regular volunteer,
as we all are. Resigned in August 2015. At the nuclear power station was working
a bus driver, not so long ago became a member of the Executive Committee,” – said

In the spring of 2014 lords were standing at the checkpoint at the entrance to Energodar,
then he went to fight in the 23rd infantry brigade. Friends
Eugene noted that he was to go volunteer in Eastern Ukraine,
cunning took off the “reservation”, which he relied as an employee
NPP. Upon returning from the Donbass became part of the “Self
Energodar”, and as write “News” defended the interests of the military.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin, commenting on the information of the FSB on the prevention of terrorist attacks in Crimea, was allegedly organized by Ukrainian military, saidthat Ukraine “is moving to the terror.”

He called it an attempt by the authorities to distract the population from the topic of looting their own people”, promised to strengthen security measures and called on the countries supporting the Ukrainian authorities to put pressure on Kiev.

In the near future will be the answer of the President of Ukraine Petro
Poroshenko, reports “RBC-Ukraine” citing a source in the administration of

The FSB statement about the foiled attack in the Crimea in the Ukraine called “provocative nonsense” and part of “hybrid warfare” 11.08.2016

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