The Federal service of court bailiffs of the Russian Federation (FSSP) on the average sends to banks about 3 million electronic requests per day. At the Federal level in the bailiffs signed agreements with 113 banks.

About it as writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, said the Director of the Federal bailiff service Dmitry Aristov in Suzdal on the 8-th International scientific-practical conference on issues of enforcement of judicial acts “Information technology in the field of enforcement.”

With 20 banks have already established cooperation in electronic form on arrest and levy of execution on cash on accounts of debtors. In other words, police officers can electronically collect means customers of these banks.

However, citizens began to get into an awkward financial situation with their Bank card was suddenly written off the money, and people did not know why and for what. Despite a multi-stage structure of the notification of the debtor, the last stage, when the money has already been debited, often the first news.

How to make incidents less and discussed this week experts from different countries at the conference. Especially given the fact that the number of “electronic versions” will grow.

The information on accounts of legal and natural persons in banks will come from FNS in the Federal bailiff service and the service will send targeted requests to those banks in which there is the account of the debtor.

In the future, the Department plans to automate and centralize business processes. Can be created an automated system for debt collection. All mechanical work will do a special program.

According to Aristov, the bailiff at the expense of such automation leaves more time to work with the debtor, the bailiff will not be tied to the workplace and will be able to obtain information and make decisions on the location of the debtor and its property in electronic form using a tablet.

Thus, the new system will at least reduce the number of errors, giving the officer more time to understand the case. And if some error will occur, only in exceptional cases, hopes the chief of bailiffs.

The FSSP wants “in the future” to automate the withdrawal of money from card accounts of the debtors in all the banks 29.09.2017

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