Currently, negotiations between Russia and Turkey on construction of the gas pipeline are not carried out, according to sources of Kommersant in Russian government and Gazprom”, referring to the absence in Turkey of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The new government, most likely, will appear only after the parliamentary elections scheduled for October. At the same time the country is going to arrive President Vladimir Putin, seeking to hold talks with Recep Erdogan.

The question will be, most likely, only on gas supplies to Turkey and the possible transit of Russian gas to Europe is not currently the subject of negotiations, according to the newspaper’s sources.

While the parties still have not managed to agree about the first leg intended for Turkey. Gazprom failed to persuade the Turkish company Botas to participate in the laying of the undersea section of the pipeline.

Besides Moscow and Ankara could not negotiate a discount on gas. A source in “Gazprom” claims that now it comes to discount the size of 10.25%, however, in the documents of this figure is not fixed. Affects the position of Botas and the fall of the Turkish Lira, making purchases of Russian gas unprofitable.

In addition, Turkey expects to receive discounts for their private companies, however, Gazprom is not willing to negotiate on this topic.

According to the head of the Council on foreign and defense policy Fyodor Lukyanov, the prolongation of the negotiations that are affected by the upcoming elections, is beneficial to Turkey rather than Russia. Ankara is now in a difficult position due to renewed conflict with the Kurds and the unclear situation on the border with Iraq and Syria, so the negotiations on the “Turkish stream” to guide the country now are not a priority.

The future of the “Turkish stream” will be determined in the fall 03.08.2015

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