The African government of Gambia announced the decision to withdraw from the International criminal court (ICC), reports Reuters. It happened a week after the announcement from South Africa and in anticipation of similar announcements from the Parliament of Kenya.

“The government of the Islamic Republic of the Gambia hereby informs all without exception on the country’s withdrawal from the ICC,” said the information Minister Sheriff Bogan (Sheriff Bojang) during a speech on state television.

Government of the Gambia accusing the ICC in seeking to prosecute only Africans. “Despite the fact that it referred to the International criminal court, the international court of justice Caucasians persecution and humiliation of color, especially Africans,” said Bogan.

As noted by Reuters, 10 of the 11 ICC investigations relate to events in Africa.

Last week it became known that the South African government sent the UN a document of refusal to participate in the work of the ICC, explaining this decision by saying that “its commitments to the peaceful resolution of conflicts are sometimes incompatible with the interpretation of the ICC”. The refusal of South Africa from participation in the ICC will enter into force on 19 October 2017, exactly one year after the application was adopted by the United Nations, reports RIA “Novosti”.

Now the ICC is the only permanent judicial structure of international level, which deals with cases of crimes against humanity and war crimes. The court has 124 participating country.

The first country, announced its withdrawal from the ICC, became Burundi, whose President Pierre Nkurunziza signed the law on October 18.

The Gambia announced its withdrawal from the International criminal court 26.10.2016

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