Physical training of officers of the Russian army until the generals put on a par with their professional training, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. Currently, more than 500 officers of the office of the Western military district (ZVO) pass final review on physical training for the current year shall give notice of the Ministry of defense.

Military personnel have to perform physical exercises on strength, speed, endurance and agility, to demonstrate their strength in pull-UPS, running, swimming and exercises in sports equipment. The final assessment will be exhibited by the amount of points in the exercises. Officers who have passed the standards at the highest level, will be presented to promote a monthly cash prize, which today amounts to 70% of salary, reported in the defense Ministry.

Failed these tests could face penalties including dismissal from the army, writes “RG”. The results are evaluated on a 100-point scale and the total score is the sum of the scores obtained for 4-5 exercises in certain types of physical training. If we are talking about the power items, it is pulling up, the flexion-extension arms in emphasis lying, flexion-extension of the torso, the rise of the coup. If run on a distance of 60 and 100 m Shuttle sprint. Crosses one and three kilometers, swimming, forced marches at more distance too, give an idea of human endurance.

In accordance with the law to obtain “excellent”, the soldier needs to score 60 to 100 points. “Good” – at least 60, “satisfactory” – at least 35. When calculating the final result takes into account the age of the examinees, according to the publication.

For example, a 48-year-old Colonel for the successful completion of need for each exercise to earn at least 16 points, that is to perform on the bar at least three pull-UPS or five ascents of the coup, and then 20 times doing push UPS and run a mile in three and a half minutes.

By order of the Minister of defence, Sergei Shoigu, “losers” are punished ruble: they are given six months to improve athletic shape, and if after six months the military does not provide standards at least “three”, it can be discharged from the army with the wording “for failure to comply with conditions of the contract”. But the officers with great performance in Fizeau during the year, receive a monthly allowance of up to 100 percent of salary, the article says.

The generals of the Russian army were ordered to pull up the bellies 28.09.2016

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