The main prize of the championship of Europe Strong Tank Challenge (SETC), which was attended by six European countries-members of NATO and the United States, went to representatives of the Bundeswehr.

The competition was revived in Western Europe for the first time since 1991 with the participation of Denmark, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, the USA and Germany. Danish tankers was in second place, the bronze went to the poles, says Stars and Stripes.

Judging by the videos on the official site of European wing of the Alliance, the Germans brought in the “Leopards”, decorated with a stylized “Iron crosses”. They were able to demonstrate the skills that have been lost in the West after the Second world war and not part of the standard training program. For example, the use of camouflage nets.

“You must continue to train, to invest time and resources in training to be the best deterrent. These international tank competition is one of those things that help us to improve skills”, addressed the participants of the championship, Lieutenant-General Ben Hodges, commander of US forces in Europe.

In the report of the newspaper which is the official organ of the Pentagon, said that raising the alert level of Alliance forces necessary “to deter further aggression by Russia”.

Each of the six teams was involved in offensive and defensive maneuvers, the competition in disguise, orienteering and fire training.

We will remind, the inventor of the tank biathlon, which currently takes the form of the world championship, considered personally by the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu. The first international competitions were held in Moscow in 2013 with participation of teams of Russia, Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The competition became an annual event and currently include forced marches, surmounting land and water obstacles, shooting, and relay races. Tank crews compete in running and strength exercises, and are an obstacle at speed. In the championship of 2015 defeated the Russians, second place in China, third in Serbia.

The Germans on the “Leopards” with the crosses won the championship in a tank of NATO in Europe (VIDEO) 14.05.2016

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