The government has allowed to signicantly expand the subsoil plots granted for use. A decree published on the website of the Cabinet. Previously allowed only a one-time extension of the site.

To date, the relationship in this case was regulated by the decree of may 3, 2012. It allowed only a one-time increase in boundaries, provided that the mineral resources on the join depths do not exceed 20% of the total reserves of the site.

In the current regulation a limit to growth stocks remain. However, “established the possibility of multiple changes in the boundaries of subsoil plots granted for use, in the direction of increasing the size of the plot and its depth (in the lower horizons of the developed oilfields)”.

The decision is due to the fact that technology exploration of mineral deposits for the period of its development, can be repeatedly changing. The change of borders it is also possible to implement obligations under the international treaties of the Russian Federation, notes TASS.

In reference to the document States that the exploration of underlying horizons of mineral deposits by one subsoil user is technologically and economically feasible.

The government allowed a multiple expansion of the boundaries of subsoil areas to join reserves 20.05.2017

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