The government has proposed to double the tolls of heavy vehicles in the “Plato”: as reported by “Vedomosti”, the proposal sent to the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, his Deputy Arkady Dvorkovich. The introduction of the payment system in 2015 have been faced with massive protests from truckers, and the government then restricted the fines and fees.

After the publication of “Vedomosti” journalists asked for comments to the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitriy Peskov, who replied that “it is not a question of the Kremlin, the Kremlin is not involved in pricing system “Platon” and pricing in transport as a whole”, gives TASS. Sands was recommended to address this issue the Federal road Agency, the Ministry of transport and the operator.

Two Federal officials told Vedomosti that the head offers two-step tariff increase from the current 1.53 rubles per kilometer to 2, 6 RUB/km in February 2017 and 3.06 RUB/km in June. Next can resume the indexation for inflation.

The newspaper reminds that earlier the Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov argued for the abolition of preferential tariffs, and the Ministry of economic development offered to leave the discounted rate until the end of 2018.

One of the interlocutors of the newspaper said that the government wants to make the decision to approve the second reading of the budget in the state Duma. Now the draft budget submitted to the state Duma, revenues are projected to be the same as if the increase will not be: 21 billion rubles in 2017, the source said.

At the beginning of November of the current year “Plato” collected in Federal road Fund of more than 16.1 billion rubles. The system operator – the company “RT-invest the transport system” – owned by Igor Rotenberg, the son of a businessman Arkady Rotenberg, who is called “friend of Putin”.

Truckers believe a rate increase is premature. President of the Association “Gruzavtotrans” Mr Mutagen indicates that the system was not all and many refuse to pay money. If forced to pay all, and the increase rate is not necessary, he believes, and if you raise it now, the burden will fall on the good faith of the major carriers.

The government has proposed to double the fare for a fare trucks on Federal highways 05.11.2016

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