The Russian government has decided to increase secret expenses in the Federal budget this year, according to RBC with reference to a second made by the Treasury amendment. In the open part of the costs are reduced by 58.5 billion, to 13.61 trillion rubles, and the private portion is increased by at 184, 3 billion.

Based on the total level of expenditure 16.72 trillion rubles, the share of classified allocations in the budget will increase to 18.6% compared to 17.7 percent at the end of the summer of the amendments and 17% in the initial budget law for 2017.
The materials of the Ministry of Finance do not allow to judge in what areas the build-up of private spending, but usually the “lion’s share” accounts for defense and security, the newspaper notes.

For example, in the text of the bill appears a new paragraph, according to which of the reserved funds can be directed to the provision of 3 billion rubles in the section “security Agencies” for expenses of the FSO, “associated with the implementation of budget investments in objects of state ownership”. In the open part of the budget any changes in the section “security Agencies” is not available.

Previously it was reported that the government was classified sixth of the budget. Given these shadow allocations for which the Cabinet does not report publicly funding the articles “national defense” and “national security and law enforcement” may be in 2018 5,121 trillion rubles, which is 316 billion, or 6.5% more than in 2017 (to 4.85 trillion).

A record level of classified expenditures of the government of the Russian Federation reached in 2016 initially in the “shadow” was 2,929 trillion (18% of the budget), but in October the amount increased to 3,609 trillion of additional guarantees under gosoboronzakaz.

The government increases the share of classified expenditures in the budget in 2017 01.10.2017

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