Since the beginning of the new year the price of cigarettes, wine and petrol price will rise by 20-30 percent in order to “fix” the Federal budget. “Rosbalt”, Recalling the relevant documents of the Russian government, argues that there is an additional 430 billion rubles in the Treasury of the state.

A bill to raise excise taxes on these goods has already passed its first reading in the state Duma.

According to the document, the excise tax on nicotine-containing products since new year will rise 10%, on gasoline of the fourth and fifth grades – 6.5% and 36.4%, respectively, for diesel fuel excise taxes will increase by more than a third, and the wine will rise in two times. Over the next three years it is expected that the excise duties on tobacco products will increase by 30%, and gasoline AI-95 – by almost 50%.

The experts note that the effect of such measures is not much, because incomes are declining for the third year in a row, and then the citizens will save money on the purchase of other goods – clothing and food. Thus, losses in the other sector will not allow the budget to grow to the amount that I hope to officials.

Note that according to the long-term budget forecast of the Ministry of Finance until 2034 due to the reduction of revenue expenditure of budgets of all levels in relation to Russia’s GDP will be gradually reduced in the next 18 years. The Ministry said that if not to reduce costs and keep them at the level of 2016, the budget deficit will increase in 2030 from 4% of GDP to 8% of GDP.

The spending cuts, however, will not affect the security forces. On the contrary, despite the difficult economic situation in the country by 2019, annual spending on national security will rise to 2 trillion rubles.

“Everything else is in “flight”, although the cut lines of education, health and national economy – strategic. Investments in them pay off in the current year, but always give out then”, – noted the head of the Center for economic and political reform Nikolay Mironov.

The government is going to Supplement the budget by raising the price of cigarettes, wine and petrol 07.11.2016

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