The Ministry of economic development prepared a draft decree of the government of the Russian Federation, under which the government will be able to sell or dispose of products detained or seized by customs, without a court order, the newspaper “Izvestia”.

The press Secretary of the Ministry of economic development Elena Lashkina told the newspaper that the draft resolution is designed to establish the accounting, assessment and disposal of goods detained or seized by customs. The document says that the Agency will be given additional powers to implement or destruction of goods detained by the customs authorities.

Now the goods are transferred to the territorial bodies of the Federal property Agency only by a court decision declaring them abandoned and conversion into Federal property.

Newspaper interviewed experts explain that we are talking about goods intended for sale and imported entrepreneurs, who violate customs legislation (tax, duties).

Such products are confiscated by customs officials in the presence of witnesses and sent to the Agency by the court. This process can take about six months. Within a month the owner can get them by paying the fines.
The draft resolution also can spread to the goods which the smugglers throw on the border, evading the customs officers or border guards.

Now thrown contraband is stored in the warehouses of the customs service, and in relation to unidentified persons who tried to smuggle across the border, initiation of administrative or criminal case. Searches of criminals can be delayed for several years. All this time the product is spoiled and takes place in warehouses.

On the other hand, the judicial process reduces corruption and allows businesses to return their goods. The empowerment of the Federal property management Agency can lead to new abuses of official powers.

The government may permit to sell confiscated at the customs goods without trial 05.11.2016

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