The Cabinet of Japan endorsed a bill allowing the abdication of Emperor Akihito and transfer the throne to his eldest son, the crown Prince, Naruhito. Document on Friday, may 19, will be submitted for approval to the Parliament. According to the news Agency Kyodo, the bill may be passed in mid-June.

The bill was designed specifically for the 83-year-old Emperor Akihito, who in August last year in a video message to the nation, warned citizens that the duties of the monarch may become very difficult for him because of ill health.

In recent years, the Emperor moved the heart surgery and was treated for prostate cancer. Previously, he also expressed his intention to abdicate. It is noteworthy that the Japanese are sensitive to the desire of the monarch – according to opinion polls, the majority of citizens believe the abdication is acceptable. However, this requires to amend the legislation.

The government hopes for a speedy adoption by Parliament approved a government bill. On Friday at a press conference in Tokyo, as reported by RIA “Novosti”, said the Secretary-General of the government of Acehide Suga.

The government approved a draft law consists of five major and 11 additional articles. He, in particular, provides for “the implementation of the succession, given the advanced age of the Emperor, his wishes, understanding that this wish is found in the people.” The transfer of the throne to be held not later than three years after the promulgation of the law.

The Secretary-General of the government to call a specific term for the transfer of the throne, saying that this requires consideration of the Parliament.
It is assumed that the Emperor might abdicate in December 2018, when he turns 85 years old. After that Akihito will retain the title of “Your Majesty”, the state and other privileges.

It is expected that 57-year-old crown Prince of Naruhito will take the throne immediately after the abdication of his father. His only daughter, Princess Aiko, the law has no right to inherit the throne, so the second member of the Imperial family claims to the throne, is the younger brother of Prince Naruhito Prince Akishino, Fumihito. He is also the father of a third at a time and only in the young generation of the Imperial family, the heir to the throne, Prince, a ten-year Hisahito.

According to estimates by the media, in connection with the change of status and transition of Prince Akishino to the position of heir to the throne the annual income of his family will increase three times – up to 91 million yen (about 830 thousand dollars).

As notes TASS, in developing the bill, the Japanese government tried not to create a precedent, so as not to give rise to the regular denials of the emperors. Under current law, the monarchs are on the throne of life.

The last time the Emperor of Japan abdicates in 1817. In the middle ages it was a common practice. From the throne during the life denied about half of the 125 known in the history of Japanese emperors.

Akihito got the throne from his father, Emperor Hirohito, during whose reign the country was involved in world war II. As noted by Reuters, the current Governor tried in every way to mitigate the effects of conflict in Asia, establishing relations with other countries and trying to bring the monarchy to the subjects.

The government of Japan approved the law about the abdication of the Emperor 19.05.2017

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