Defence Minister of Pakistan Khawaja Asif covertly threatened Israel with nuclear weapons. The statement of the head of the Pakistani defense Minister was made after information on the website AWD News was there was a news alert about threats to Pakistan from Israel.

“Israeli defense Minister threatens Pakistan with nuclear retaliation, admitting the involvement of Pakistanis in Syria against DAESH (Islamic state, ISIS, ISIL, DAISH, a terrorist organization banned in Russia. – Approx. Israel forgets that Pakistan is also a nuclear power,” – said in Twitter Asif Khawaja.

At the time of writing the statement of the Minister of defence of Pakistan is widely dispersed across the social network. While Gavage in the comments to the post wrote that this news is fake, “fake”, but he did not answer to its members and to make any explanation of his tweet clarification.

Material, which caused a sharp reaction on the official level with Pakistan, was posted on the website AWD News hosted in Germany 20 Dec. The report said that Pakistan has said it is ready to send to Syria “Sunni fighters” to fight against “Islamic state”.

In a note AWD News was noted that the statement of the Pakistani soldiers was sharply condemned in Israel. The site said that Israeli defense Minister Moshe ya’alon (in fact, this former Minister, now defense Minister is Avigdor Lieberman, at the end of may 2016, who replaced ya’alon) has named Pakistani intervention in the Syrian conflict a threat to Israel’s security and said that in that case Pakistan will be destroyed with a nuclear strike.

After the reaction of the defence Minister of Pakistan Khawaja Asif, on the “fake” statement ya’alon one side of the conflict was the Israeli defense Ministry. The Department stated that the message referenced by the Pakistani Minister, unreliable, and that ya’alon never said the words attributed to him by journalists.

The newspaper Haaretz notes that the analysis published by the AWD News notes would help the Pakistani side to understand the level of unreliability of the information even before the official response of the Israeli side.

Among other things, the publication indicates that Israel has never officially acknowledged that it has nuclear weapons. In addition, the Israeli side has occupied is underlined a neutral position in relation to the conflict in Syria and does not participate in it, the newspaper said.

In recent months, says Russian service of the BBC, experts from different countries expressed concern at the increasing dissemination of false news through social networks. Many readers don’t check them and believe what they read, which allows the authors of such news to manipulate public opinion.

The government of Pakistan has officially threatened Israel with nuclear weapons, read the “fake” news 25.12.2016

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