The amount of 40 rubles and 60 kopecks, which recently received the teacher of cheats, is not it a salary, as compensation for late payment of previous payment, reports IA “Chicago” with reference to press-service of the Governor of Transbaikalia.

“The sum of 40 rubles and 60 kopecks, which allegedly receives teacher cheats is actually compensation for late payment of wages during the second half of September 2016,” – said the press service, adding that the salary of teachers of preschool and General education in Zabaykalsky Krai in October paid in full. Currently preparing to issue the required amount for the first half of November.

“Timely payment of wages to education workers is a priority of the Governor and of the government of Transbaikalian edge. Twice a month the teachers of the region receive wages according to the schedule set out in the Charter of their institutions”, – assured the press service.

Previously a teacher from Chita said that he had received in October, the payroll card 40 rubles and 60 kopecks. While the previous payment she received in early October. Then it transferred 13 thousand rubles on account of back salary for September.

New payment teacher of the law was to receive no later than 15 days. “I think that, most likely, these 40 rubles and transferred us to create a visibility enumeration. Like the payment went through, and how much – no one checks,” – said she.

Complaint of a teacher interested in the local Prosecutor’s office. Currently, the Agency conducts an audit, trying to determine whether there are in the region of violation of the terms of payment of wages and accrued to workers indexation for delay, according to the website of the Ministry.

While prosecutors were able to establish that the debts on a salary for September before educators in Chita no. The Finance Committee of the city administration on 15 November listed educational institutions 49.4 million rubles for the payment of salaries for the second half of October. In October the Prosecutor’s office revealed facts of concealment of debts under the salary in Zabaykalsky teachers.

In the first half of September, the Governor of Transbaikalia Natalia Zhdanova has publicly stated that the indexation of salaries of public sector employees this year will not. Of funds in the budget of the region will be enough to pay salaries to public sector workers only until October. But then it was reported that the authorities managed to find the extra money, but the regional government still needed the help of the Federal budget. Information about it yet, says “”.

A year ago in the TRANS also had problems with the payment of salaries to teachers and doctors. In November 2015, then Governor of the region Konstantin Ilkovsky has even made a representation by the prosecution due to “insufficient filling of the budget of the region, which resulted in the shortage of funds for payment of salaries to teachers.”

After the situation has not changed, Ilkovsky resigned. Now the region leads the ex-head of the local Legislative Assembly Natalia Zhdanova.

Despite this, problems with payments of salaries to state employees in the region continue. In connection with the frequent complaints in the local Department of insurance has even created a special Departmentresponsible for investigating the facts of nonpayment of wages.

The government of Transbaikalia has explained the receipt by the teacher 40 rubles instead of wages 18.11.2016

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