The Agency proposes to adjust the approach to privatization, writes the newspaper “Vedomosti”familiar with the draft report of the office “About increase of efficiency of state property management”.

The document says that the government do not have to part with all property which is not necessary for it to carry out its functions. Privatization – “an extreme measure”, and to use it you need only if you fail to earn at property to solve economic and social tasks not because the asset someone interesting, report.

If you increase the privatization to cover the budget deficit in three years to five years the state will be practically no property and have to rent it in business, warns the Agency.

Instead, the document proposes to improve the methods of management of state property: to reveal all the data on it, to introduce personal responsibility of heads of regions, municipalities and ministries use it to audit the investment in such property.

In the document, it largely concerns the property of regions and municipalities, the ownership of which is in the main objects with low cap, explains the representative of the Ministry of economic development. The project will be further developed taking into account the views of experts.

The Agency sees the following sequence of actions: first, the officials must evaluate whether to use the property for its intended purpose, if not to pass it on to other ministries or to engage in circulation, not selling, for example, to use PPP. If none of the options is to sell.

Before you enable the asset to the privatization plan, it is necessary to perform the most profitable variant of use, explains the representative of the Ministry of economic development.

The very sale of the property if able to manage them effectively fails the government is ready to simplify: for example, to allow the purchase of state assets on the basis of requests of buyers, investors participate in their preparation for privatization, and those who are lost – to offset the cost, write “Vedomosti”.

The offer is not to hurry with the mass privatization it is known, Deputy Finance Minister Alexey Moiseev. He believes that mass privatization should be carried out as quickly as possible: if the property is not necessary, we should sell.

The government propose to abandon large-scale privatization of state assets 18.11.2016

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