The government returned to the discussion the opportunity to sell drugs in grocery retail chains, writes RBC with reference to sources.

This issue was raised at a meeting with first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov on August 31. It was dedicated to another topic – the marking of goods, but in the process of discussion Shuvalov has instructed the Ministry of health to study the question of the sale of drugs in supermarkets. The same request to the Ministry Shuvalov expressed in early 2016.

The Ministry of industry and trade support the idea of Shuvalov and believe that this measure will increase the availability of medicines for consumers and will increase competition in the pharmaceutical market. But Ministry of health opposes sales of drugs in places without a special pharmaceutical license, which, unlike supermarkets that have pharmacies. “The license guarantees the proper storage of medicines and expert advice of a pharmacist or a pharmacist at their sale”, – explained RBC employee of the Department.

Pharmacies and drug manufacturers are also against such initiatives. According to the Executive Director of the National pharmaceutical chamber Elena Nevolin, in the case of such a bill and its approval of the drug prices can jump. “Pharmacies earn on the medicines segment, which is proposed to be transferred to supermarkets. If it is not, they will have to raise prices on other drugs, such as for the treatment of chronic diseases to cover the losses,” she explained.

In addition, if the pharmacies worked as a salesman in pharmaceutical education, it is unclear who will release the drugs in stores. By the way, at many supermarkets, and so have pharmacies, and the needs of the population copes sufficient number of pharmacies, said Executive Director of the Association of pharmacies soyuzfarma Dmitry tselousov.

Pharmaceutical companies believe that market conditions for all must be the same: if the pharmacy needs to obtain a licence to trade in medicines, that is why supermarkets should work in privileged conditions? This opinion was expressed by Deputy General Director of the pharmaceutical company Stada CIS Ivan Glushkov.

In February 2016, the health Ministry published on the website disclosure of legal information for public discussion notice of the development of the bill on behalf Shuvalov, but it was supported by only 11 people, while it was opposed by 2488. According to the voting, the Ministry asked the Vice-Prime Minister to cancel his Commission.

Even earlier, in 2014, Shuvalov has instructed the Ministry of health to compile a list of drugs that could be sold in grocery stores. The Agency then included in the list of OTC antiseptics for local treatment of sore throat sprays and drops against the cold, activated charcoal, anti-viral and anti-allergic creams and ointments. The government still has not approved this list.

The government propose to sell medicine in supermarkets 05.10.2017

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