The Governor of capital of Indonesia of Jakarta badgers appeal trial in Phnom Penh Purnama became the figurant of criminal case about the insult of Islam. Police banned the official who profess Christianity, to leave the country.

Reuters notes that the case of blasphemy occurred against the backdrop of growing religious and ethnic tensions in a country where the majority of the population is Muslim. The Governor Purnama was the first representative of the Chinese community hold such a high position, and the first non-Muslim to such positions over the past half century. He faces up to five years of imprisonment.

We are talking about the speech of the Governor, which took place in September. He said that his opponents deceived the voters, and put them in wine to use in political battles verses from the Quran, which forbids Muslims to choose their leaders from non-Muslims. Social media users circulated a video re-made speech Pournami. One of his key words were cut, and the impression that he criticized the Quran and not their opponents.

He categorically denies his guilt of blasphemy, though, and apologized for the harsh comment. “I accept the status of a suspect, and confidence in the professionalism of the police,” he said. According to him, this case will decide not only his fate, but which way the country would develop. Purnama also said that he intends, in spite of everything, to participate in the elections in Jakarta.

At the same time, reports Detik News, leaders of a number of Muslim organizations, spoke with approval about the criminal case of blasphemy and thanked the President of Indonesia Joko Widodo, who, in their opinion, has made the conduct of the proceedings.

“We Express our gratitude and high appreciation to President Joko Widodo for what he does not interfere in the judicial process and protects the rights of Pournami,” – said in a statement released on 16 November in Jakarta.

Website Voa Indonesia notes that the police have to check 14 reports of the alleged blasphemy of the Governor. The publication claims that the experts sharply disagree. However, in the Indonesian capital, on 4 November, held a demonstration against Purnama, which ended with riots and clashes with police.

Elections of the Governor of Jakarta will be held in February 2017. Purnama is popular with residents of the capital and is considered the favorite of the campaign.

The Governor of Jakarta, insulted Islam, banned from leaving Indonesia 16.11.2016

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