The Governor of Primorsky Krai Vladimir Miklushevsky appealed to the government of the Russian Federation with a proposal to suspend the toll for drivers of heavy goods vehicles for a period of one year. Also the head of the region proposes to carry out a test operation of the system “Platon” and enter for the Far East discounted rate, reports the press service of the head region.

In a letter to Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, the Governor drew attention to the tensions among coastal drivers, caused by the introduction of new road tax.

“Please consider the possibility to provide for a test period of use of the tolling system for a period of one year with the application rate of 0.1 rouble. To reduce transport costs of economic entities operating in the far East, to set preferential tariff (for the subsequent period) in the amount of one ruble per kilometer,” says the Miklushevsky.

The Governor emphasizes that the truckers there were many technical problems with “Plato”: they were not given devices to work with the system, many people still can’t register for it. There was, however, enacted a new article of the administrative offences Code of the Russian Federation, which envisages penalty sanctions for legal persons from 450 thousand to one million rubles.

The truckers protests began on November 11, four days before the launch of the system “Platon”. The Communist party started to support drivers of heavy vehicles, angered by the actions of the authorities, from the very first shares. On 5 December 2015, the planned nationwide rally truckers, which decided to organize and lead the Communists. In the Communist party encouraged to join the rallies, the unions and all working people.

Over the weekend the results of the meeting of the Minister of transport of the Russian Federation Maxim Sokolov with freight from St. Petersburg and other regions in the Rosavtodor announced that moratorium on the operation of the system “Platon” is not. In turn, drivers of heavy trucks after negotiations realized that the power is not going to compromise, and decided to start the March on Moscow to be heard.

Earlier media reported that the Agency is going to ask the government to freeze fees for the passage of heavy trucks on Federal highways by January 2016, or even the whole year. As noted, the initiative on the moratorium were made by the representatives of major retail chains, food manufacturers, trucking companies and business associations, complaining of failures in the “Plato” and unreasonably high fees from drivers. But the Agency said that the agreements about the freezing of the system was not.

System “Platon” has earned in Russia from November 15. Through it, owners of trucks weighing more than 12 tonnes now have to pay for travel on Federal highways. Initially it was assumed charge by 3.73 per ruble per kilometer, but after the first protests, the rate temporarily reduced to 1.53 ruble.

The money collected should go to the road Fund in compensation for the destruction of traces of heavy cars. Among the truckers are outraged by even those who are willing to pay. The drivers argue that the system works badly, it is constantly failures occur, the cause of which the Russian authorities called a hacker attack from abroad.

The work “Plato” provides the company “RT-invest the Transport system” (RTAS). The beneficiary is Igor Rotenberg, the son close to the President of the Russian businessman Arkady Rotenberg. The oppositionist Alexey Navalny in his blog explicitly States that the collection system for the passage of heavy vehicles “Plato” was created and is in the interests of her son Rotenberg. As it became known to the newspaper “Vedomosti”Igor Rotenberg bought the shares of “Rostec” and TITS, becoming the owner of half the stock.

The Governor of Primorye requests the government to meet the striking truckers 02.12.2015

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