In the Omsk region the employee of regional government went to the gym by order of the Governor Viktor Nazarov. This is reported by local media, including the website “New Omsk”.

The head of Department of information policy of the Omsk region Stanislav Sumarokov appeared in the video of the Omsk club. The official said that due to his professional activities, he was unable to hold shape and overweight.

“If in my youth I, of course, so to speak, had a chance to engage in various sports, held leadership positions, which led to excessive weight,” explained Sumarokov. Currently, the weight 43-year-old officer is 140 pounds.

The fight against excess weight, it emboldened the head of the region Viktor Nazarov. “When I came to his post in August 2016, we in Omsk was the Siberian international marathon. Our Governor Viktor Nazarov, sports man looked at me and said, “now, Stanislav. Your job is to run five kilometers,” – said publicist.

In the words of Sumarokov, and he realized that such loads are not yet ready, and immediately joined the gym, according to In the classroom the official helps a professional coach. The video training was published by the website

In the video you can see how the officer performs a variety of exercises, is at the gym. The training goes for a week so significant results Sumarokov has not yet reached. His coach hopes that progress can be shown in about a month.

The video attracted the interest of local media. The official admitted that he was surprised such attention. “Not yet accustomed to the fact that has become some kind of media person”, – he explained At the same time, Sumarokov asserts that it is not against the fact that the video of his workout posted on the web.
“With the website posted video, did not swear – this is not my style of work,” he said. However, with the YouTube video disappeared.

The Governor of the Omsk region sent fat subordinate to the gym 13.10.2016

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