Musician Andrei Sapunov, one of the founders of the musical group “the Resurrection”, announced that he was leaving the team. This decision was made amid a scandal concert in Crimea, where the group arrived without Sapunova, threw eggs, reports “gazety”.

“At the end of April a group of “Resurrection” leaves Andrey Sapunov – guitarist, bassist, singer, composer who participated in the recording of all the albums and all the concerts since 1979″ – said in a press release.

As stated by Sapunov, reasons for leaving have been accumulating for a long time and the situation surrounding the speech in Simferopol was the last straw. The artist will continue to perform a solo project. “Sunday” is also going to continue its activities. Currently discussing who will replace Sapunova.

The scandal erupted on March 28. Concert in Crimea started very late and lasted just over an hour. During the performance one of the spectators threw in musicians two raw eggs. According to journalists, this act she expressed her dissatisfaction with the lack of on stage the founder of the group Andrey Sapunov and quality of the Concerto as a whole. Note that in that day, Sapunova was scheduled for surgery on the heart.

The media also appeared information that in the beginning of the concert the leader of the “Resurrection” Alexey Romanov said: “Our friend Andrey Sapunov didn’t go to your occupied Crimea. But Crimea is yours.” Later Novels, however, has denied these reports. In interview to TV channel “the Rain” he said that it “stuffing”, and blamed it on some “nationalists”.

The group “Resurrection” was founded in 1979, the musicians were not performing in the years 1982-1994, and then resumed its concerts. The group leader is Alexei Romanov.

The group “Resurrection” which in the Crimea were pelted with eggs, left Andrey Sapunov 07.04.2016

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