Close to Serbian government sources one of the most popular British Newspapers The Guardian reported that the Secretary of security Council of Russia Nikolay Patrushev during his visit to Belgrade apologized for the attempted coup in Montenegro, in which, probably, the Russian citizens planned the assassination of the Prime Minister of the country. In Moscow, meanwhile, has denied information of the British newspaper, calling the publication a classic example of provocation.

According to journalists, during his visit to Belgrade, Patrushev emphasized that the alleged conspirators acted independently, without the sanction of the Kremlin. After the departure of the head of the security Council the Russians, who was accused of preparing a military coup and the assassination of Milo Djukanovic, was deported from the country.

The publication, citing local media reports that the detention of Russian citizens was discovered 120 thousand Euro, uniform special forces and special equipment, allowing to organize the surveillance of the Prime Minister.

As it became known to journalists, the alleged criminals were planning to dress in police uniforms to enter the building of the Montenegrin Parliament in Podgorica, Djukanovic and shoot. After that, they intended to establish in the country a Pro-Russian regime, the newspaper notes.

Sources in diplomatic circles said that the Belgrade regime of secrecy was expelled from the country of the conspirators shortly after the personal intervention Patrushev, who arrived in Belgrade on 26 October, to “put out” scandal. The official authorities in Serbia at the same time deny the fact of deportation of citizens of the Russian Federation.

Three days after the arrival Patrushev around the house Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has found a cache of weapons. The interior Minister of Serbia Nebojsa Stefanovic told reporters that an unknown person hired a local gang to assassinate the head of the government for 10 million euros.

The security Council and foreign Ministry denied publication of apologies, Patrushev

In a press-service of the Russian security Council in response to a request from TASS to comment on the publication of The Guardian said that Nikolai Patrushev “to no one apologized, because”. “Patrushev’s trip to Serbia was planned, the agreement with the Serbian side it was reached in may during the meeting with Patrushev and Minister of internal Affairs of Serbia Nabasa earlier”, – said the Agency.

The security Council also noted that, while in Belgrade, Patrushev attended bilateral consultations on strategic security issues. “The parties discussed the prospects of Russian-Serbian dialogue in the field of security, the issues of military and military-technical cooperation, joint response to emergency situations, cooperation in combating TRANS-border crime and in the sphere of information security,” he listed the topics of the talks in a press-service.

According to her, “special attention is paid to cooperation of Moscow and Belgrade in the field of combating terrorism, radicalism and extremism, in countering the financing of terrorism, combating the spread of far-right ideology and neo-Nazism”.
“The internal situation in the countries of the Balkan region were not discussed neither in the consultations nor during the meetings with the Prime Minister and President of Serbia”, – assured the press service.

Meanwhile the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that the publication of apologies, Patrushev for the participation of Russians in the preparation of a military coup and the assassination of Prime Minister of Montenegro, are a classic example of provocation.

“The publication in the newspaper The Guardian, citing unnamed “sources” that Patrushev apologized for the “Russian nationalists” who planned the assassination of Prime Minister of Montenegro, Milo Djukanovic, is a classic provocation, consisting in the dissemination of false information,” he wrote on his page in Facebook.

According to Zakharova, there is overwhelming evidence that the publication is spreading outright false information. She noted that no one from the edition not called neither in the device of security Council of Russia, the press center of the foreign Ministry with a request to confirm or deny the information about the apology Patrushev.

“This approach is completely contrary to the requirements of the staff of Western publications. Speaking to The Guardian: you do not give rest laurels freshly picked and The Newsweek? And if so, declare you to be “liars day”. Cap sew themselves,” – concluded Zakharov.

Before he Djukanovic accused the opposition “Democratic front” involvement in plotting the seizure of power in Parliament, and murder him personally. According to him, the involvement of the opposition to conspiracy “no doubt”. “I consider this activity as participation in the preparation of my murder,” said the Prime Minister.

November 6, special Prosecutor of Montenegro, organized crime, Milivoj Catnic reportedthat on the eve of the elections were disclosed “powerful organization” of about 50 Russians, Serbs and Montenegrins. They were planning a conspiracy, the purpose of which was the capture of the Parliament after the election held on 16 October, and the destruction of the Prime Minister. According to Katica, 14 people were arrested, two Russians are wanted.

Katich stated that the group was organized by the “Russian nationalists”. However, he clarified that the law enforcement agencies of Montenegro do not have any evidence that the conspiracy connected to the Russian authorities. The Kremlin saidthat Moscow has nothing to do with what happened in Montenegro.

The Guardian: the head of the Russian security Council apologized for the Russians ‘ attempts to kill the Prime Minister of Montenegro 11.11.2016

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