The British newspaper The Guardian spoke with one of the representatives of the Philippine police, is actively engaged in combating drug abuse within the announced the country’s new President, Rodrigo duterte the campaign. Reporters learned that the authorities actually gave the police a carte Blanche for extrajudicial executions. Earlier it was reported that many of the alleged drug dealers were killed by some “unknown warriors”, but, apparently, a large number of such murders rests squarely on the shoulders of “secret police force”.

Amid calls itself Duterte to extrajudicial killings of drug information received from the police, who asked to remain anonymous, seems logical, but coupled with the testimony of a former assassin, who accused Duterte in the killings of opponents during the government of the city of Davao, it turns out that the head of state again has actually created the death squads.

The police admits it and even in some sense welcomed: “We are not so bad cops or bad people. We are just a tool, we as the angels, whom God, you know, sent to take back the sky these poor souls have to clean them”. In this vein, he sees his role in the murder of 87 people in the last three months.

The correspondent of The Guardian, to hear it from the mouth of a senior officer of the Philippine National police, came to one of the brothels in Manila, where police told him to come. So it was not visible, he sat behind a beaded curtain in one of the back rooms, and only then agreed to tell about the participation of the police in the killings that swept the country in recent years.

Police assured that they do not kill for fun, they are not some “maniacs”. He is sure that there is a higher purpose. He repeated his analogy about God’s envoys: “We are here as angels. As Saint Michael and Saint Gabriel. The first officer confirmed that the murder is officially sanctioned, although the order is secret. It turns out that the authorities told them to clean the streets from unwanted citizens.

“They created us. The phrase “they let the beast out of the cage to neutralize these criminals, it is true,” he said. The officer told that he is a member of one of 10 newly formed secret police squads, each of which includes up to 16 operatives.

He claims that the team koordiniruyutsya to “neutralize targets”: suspected drug use, the trade in illicit drugs and criminals. Every undercover operative has its own numeric code that serves as its call sign. Center they supplied a dossier on the future victim. “For example, they send us a photo, the profile of this person. After that one or two people from my team go to his place of residence to check whether he is a drug dealer, told the newspaper. – We will evaluate the received data, and then can administer their own justice. And of course, the government orders us to do it.”

According to him, the murders mostly happen at night, they perform officers in hoods, dressed in black. For a minute or two they remove certain people from their homes and killed on the spot – quickly, accurately, without any witnesses, told police.

After that, they either transport the body to another city, or thrown under bridges, or wrapped head, the corpse with sticky tape, attaching a cardboard sign that says that this “drug Lord” or “huckster”. “We put signs on them focused the media or those who would investigate their deaths,” – said police, adding that these signs might lead them to thinking: “Why should I investigate the murder of this guy, because he’s a drug dealer, he’s a rapist, I’d better investigate another matter.

A police officer jokingly remarked that now the Philippines can easily kill any person. “You can kill him, stick with tape, and everyone will think that the guy was selling drugs,” he said.

Rodrigo Duterte took office on June 30. As a candidate for President, he promised to fight drug trafficking in the country by any means. During the election campaign Duterte urged Filipinos to kill drug dealers and even saidthat he would kill his own children if they try drugs.

Months of his reign occurred about 3.6 thousand murders, approximately 1,375 people were killed during police operations, more than 2233 people have become victims of so-called vigilantes, who also has received permission to kill without trial. However, how many of these homicides lies on the conscience of secret police death squads is unknown.

The Guardian: undercover police squads involved in the killings of drug dealers in the Philippines 04.10.2016

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