The artist-actionist Peter Pavlensky, who on Tuesday, may 17, in Moscow should be completed in the court in the case of shares with arson of tires on the Small court of the stable bridge in St. Petersburg, was beaten, in transit from Moscow city court in jail “Medvedkovo”. Police guards broke his ribs and smashed knee, say the companion and common-law wife of the artist Oksana Shalygina and his lawyer Dmitry dinze.

“At the moment, Peter has a broken knee, cracked rib, internal bruises from the beating,” – said in the message Shalygina, which on his page in Facebook posted participant Pussy Riot activist Maria Alyokhina. According to shalygino, the beating happened when the Turkey was transported by transit through the building of the Moscow city court. Shalygina learned this by accident very Pavlensky from when he gave her speech for the awards ceremony, Vaclav Havel (according to “Novaya Gazeta”, in may, Pavlensky was nominated for this award by the international Human rights organization Human Rights Foundation for creative protest).

To post the photo attached letter Pavlenkova, which says: “When I write these lines, I have a broken knee, cracked ribs and internal bruising. Every breath is pain. This is a common consequences of conventional visit the guards of the Moscow city court. More than half a year I am in prison. Every day I see what the police supervision”.

“The usual practice of the transit and escort prisoners in court – a mandatory beating with batons, Taser torture, abuse of podkrovelnye. Even if the prisoner goes through this court transit – adds Shalygina. – I am here talking about Petra just in the context of ordinary, everyday practices of the convoy with the prisoners and inmates in order for this theme became visible, and were taken emergency measures”.

“The badge number of the beast, of garbage who brutally beats up and mocks podkrovelnye – N007666″, claims common-law wife of the artist.

Pavlensky’s lawyer Dmitry dinze was confirmed by the publication of”the Media” the fact of beating the artist, but said that his client does not want to get involved in the bureaucratic procedures with the cops”. The defense plans to send the prison administration with the request to spend medical examination of the arrestee and, perhaps, to apply to the Investigative Committee.

“Novaya Gazeta” Dinze said Pavlensky said the injuries were inflicted during the transit from the court to jail “Medvedkovo”. According to the lawyer, the arrested collected in several stages: the Bus rides, including through the Moscow city court. The Moscow city court is not the first time the beating. And there was some verbal sparring with the convoy”.

Because of what happened sparring, Pavlensky said. “One of the police guard, attacked Turkey and caused him injuries”, – said Dinze. The attackers, he said, “maybe there were a few”.

Counsel confirmed that the artist – internal hematoma on her stomach, damaged his knee and “there is a suspicion that a broken rib”.

The court stated that it was not responsible for the actions of the convoy

Press Secretary of the Moscow city court Ulyana Solopova said RIA “Novosti”that the court is not responsible for the possible beating Pavlenkova escort.

“The convoy deals with a special guard regiment – delivery methods, what tools do they use for that – all their responsibility,” she explained.

The spokesperson added that all communication between the court and escort the regiment is to ensure that judges report what exactly the defendant in the case and by what date you need to deliver at the meeting.

The lawyer Pavlenkova promised to submit the request to the Central Board, to the badge number to identify the employee. “When all materials have been collected, we will take a decision on this issue”, – said Dmitry dinze.

On Tuesday, may 17, in the Preobrazhensky district court of Moscow must end the trial on the case about the campaign “Freedom” on the Small court of the stable bridge. On 16 may, the Prosecutor of the Artem Lytaev asked the court to declare Turkey guilty of vandalism and sentenced to two years in prison, but to release from punishment in connection with expiry of the Statute of limitations. Protection demanded to resume the stage of judicial investigation and to interrogate the expert-the linguist Anatoly Baranov, but the court in this motion was denied.

23 Feb 2014 the artist and his four companions at the court of the stable Small bridge opposite the Church of the Savior on spilled Blood built a kind of barricade of tires and lit them, as it did in the same time, activists on the Maidan in Central Kiev. The protesters unfurled two flags – black-and-yellow Ukrainian state and, waving them to the beat of a piece of iron, imitating the sounds of drumbeats. They explained that burning tires, the roar and the flags represented the improvised song of liberation and revolution.

As explained by the artist himself, he did it in support of the Maidan in Ukraine. After that he was initiated a criminal case on article 214 of the criminal code (“Vandalism”).

Pavlensky is under arrest in another case. He was arrested on the night of November 9, 2015 after he was doused with gasoline and set fire to the front door of the building of FSB on Lubyanka. The artist explained that in this way he opposed the punishment of Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov and Alexander Kolchenko, convicted on charges of terrorism. The day after the antics of the Tagansky court of Moscow sanctioned the imprisonment of the defendant into custody. Since the arrest has been repeatedly extended.

The guards broke a rib and broke the knee of the artist Pavlensky 17.05.2016

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