The Haitian authorities ahead of presidential and parliamentary elections have taken strict security measures, among other things, closing the border of the country. In addition, prohibited the carrying of weapons, and drivers can not drive up to the polling stations.

As reported by the Ministry of internal Affairs and communities, the border is closed from 18:00 hours local time Saturday (2:00 Sunday GMT) until 6:00 am (14:00 GMT) Monday 21 November.

In addition, a number of additional measures: suspension of licenses to carry firearms, are prohibited movement from pricking or sharp objects, melee weapons. Agents of private security companies required to stay at their facilities in order to avoid any movement of weapons in public places. In addition, drivers of cars and motorcycles are not allowed to approach closer than 100 meters to the polling stations.

The country is also prohibited work night clubs, entertainment agencies, as well as drinking alcoholic beverages in public places, reports TASS.

October 25, 2015 to Haiti, the first round of elections to elect the President and members of the legislature. The second round of elections were repeatedly postponed. On the recommendation of the Independent Commission on the assessment and verification of elections in Haiti, their results were cancelled and assigned a new date of voting – October 9. However, it was postponed due to hurricane Matthew that caused casualties and widespread destruction.

To participate in the presidential elections was 27 candidates. The favorites of the race are Avenel, moiz (Pro-government party “Tet Kale”), JUD Celestin (an”Alternative League to the progress and the liberation of Haiti”), Jean-Charles, moiz (the political platform “Pitit Dessalines”), Maryse Narcisse (“Famille of Lavalas”) and Jean-Henri Sean (“Renmin AITI”).

The Haitian authorities closed the border and night clubs at the time of the election 19.11.2016

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