The head of Buryatia Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn has demanded from the Republican Ministry of internal Affairs to stop the forest from persons who are not firefighters. The corresponding order was given to them at the meeting on 24 August after in the region again increased the area of forest fires, according to his official website.

Last Sunday, August 23, despite the ban on visits to forests, the local population became the main reason of new fires recorded their 12, almost all in areas near the lake, the report says. The interior Ministry in Buryatia per day showed 24 administrative offences in this area and staff are working to curb regulations on the transport of timber.

“I asked to send staff, please from today, to strengthen, to transfer the force. If necessary, I will ask the Minister of internal Affairs with the request to enhance. Use volunteer militias. Forces you not so hot, maybe from neighboring regions to reroll, but you must block the access to the forest”, is given in the text the words of the head of the Republic.

Decreased area of forest fires in protected areas around lake Baikal in the Irkutsk region
In Yakutia again fire in the Park “Lena pillars” included in the UNESCO world heritage list
In Tyva extended fire-fighting mode

The head of Buryatia stressed again that the earth is dried to such an extent that any spark, a cigarette butt causing fires, often riding. Therefore, access to the forest have only firefighters. Nagovitsyn also appealed to the heads of districts with a request to involve local people so that they stop careless people walking in the forest, in spite of all prohibitions.

Republican forestry Agency and regional EMERCOM he instructed to focus the provision of equipment and throw it in the case that the fire will go in the 30-kilometer area to settlements. “It is immediately necessary to conduct the mineralized zone, in two, in three bands, aphiwat, shed ground etc. the Settlement must be safe, must not allow him to fire,” said the Nagovitsyn.

In Buryatia will arrive “forest task force” from Ekaterinburg and Tyumen

Nagovitsyn emphasized that the Republic help composite forces from all over Russia. Monday, August 24, in the Republic will arrive 100 smoke-jumpers from Ekaterinburg and Tyumen. They will aim to strengthen the group in Rep., kubanska and Baikal regions, according to the official portal ofthe Republic of Buryatia.

At the end of last week to help foresters Buryatia arrived “forest task force” from Yakutia and the Amur region, which was aimed at extinguishing hotbeds in “Podlemorye sanctuary”. Earlier in Buryatia sent from the Krasnoyarsk forest fire fighters, TRANS-Baikal territory, the Republic of Khakassia, as well as from Moscow, Tomsk and Omsk. Continue to extinguish fires paratroopers-fire “Transbaikalian base of aviation forest conservation”, local residents, tenants.

The area of forest fires in Buryatia has risen to 115 thousand hectares

On the morning of August 24, the number of employees in the elimination of foci was about 2.2 thousand people. For the past day liquidated 10 foci on a total area of more than seven thousand hectares in five districts of the Republic.

However, the area of forest fires in Buryatia continues to grow. Over the past weekend the number of forest fires in the Republic increased by 15 – to 51 foci (as of the morning of August 24), the size of fires has increased by 38 thousand hectares to 115 thousand hectares. nine lesions on a total area of about 8 hectares localized.

Fires registered in the Barguzin, kubanska, Pribaikalsky, Rep., Ivolginsky, Kurumkansky, Selenge, the North-Baikal areas in the TRANS-Baikal national Park, Barguzin, Dzherginskiy reserves. Visually assess the scale of the disaster here.

We will remind, on August 21 in Buryatia burned 77 thousand hectares of forest. The fire season in Buryatia began on 1 April, June 19, in the Republic, a state of emergency.

Decreased the area of forest fires in protected areas around lake Baikal in the Irkutsk region

With the worsening of the situation with forest fires in the authorities of the neighboring Buryatia Irkutsk region reported the reduction of forest fires in protected areas of the region. According to their data, over the past weekend, it dropped to 5.6 thousand hectares.

About it at session of the government of the region, which was held by the acting Governor of the Irkutsk region Sergey eroschenko, said the acting Deputy Chairman of the government of Irkutsk region Pavel Bezmaternykh, according to the official portal of theregion.

Data on the morning of Saturday, August 22, in Pribaikalsky national Park and the Baikal-Lena reserve acted seven fires by 7.2 thousand hectares, notes “Interfax”.

However, the total area of forest fires in the region has increased. According to Bezmaternykh, by data for August 24, in the Irkutsk region there are 24 fire on the area of 21 hectares, eliminated and localized 12 fires on the area of 850 hectares.

According to the FFA, on August 24, in the Irkutsk region there are 23 fire on the lands of forest Fund area 14 581 ha. on the Eve of the FFA reported on 16 fires in the Irkutsk region on the lands of the forest Fund on the area of 13 872 hectares.

In Yakutia again fire in the Park “Lena pillars” included in the UNESCO world heritage list

Early Monday morning recorded a new fire forest in the nature Park “Lena pillars” in Yakutia. About it reports a site of the Ministry of nature protection of the Republic.

According to the Director of the natural Park of Basil Kalitin, a fire occurred in the forest on the mountain slope near the observation deck. Partially burned itself an observation deck.

It is noted that at the moment the fire extinguish 34 people – volunteers from the villages Tumul and Sinskaya, as well as the Park staff. In extinguishing used the SART (backpack forest fire extinguisher), shovels, chainsaws. According to Kalitin, the need to attract employees “Avialesookhrana” yet. The cause and scale of the fire is established.

“Lena pillars” – a geological formation area of 1.2 million hectares on the banks of the Lena river about 100 km from the city of Pokrovsk. This quaint limestone cliffs up to 100 meters. Natural Park of Yakutia “Lena pillars” included in the UNESCO world cultural and natural heritage UNESCO, reports “Interfax”.

Earlier, a fire in the Park was recorded on July 11 at the top of the cliff on the left Bank of the river. The fire was discovered by the family of tourists in 12 hours of the day. Tourists are immediately alerted about the fire by satellite phone to the administration of the natural Park. After that they took his boat to the ignition of the members of the tribal community, which was at its base a few miles up the river, and took an active part in extinguishing the fire, which threatened due to strong winds develop into a crown fire.

Thanks to the decisive actions of tourists and members of the community on the same day the fire was localized, and the next day is eliminated. The area of the fire was a little more than two hectares, reports the websiteof the reserve.

In Tuva extended fire-fighting mode

Special fire-prevention mode in order to ensure fire safety in forests extended to 11 September in the Republic of Tuva, said on Monday the official portalof the region.

During the entire period of stay of citizens in forests, carrying out all types of work without registration in bodies of forestry is prohibited, the report said. In addition, forbidden to make fires in the forest and burning of waste. The state Committee on forestry of Tuva is mandated to raise awareness among the population and the organizations conducting work in the forest.

Special fire mode was introduced on the territory of the region on July 15. According to on Sunday, August 23, Tuva was registered on 18 forest fires on a total area of 5.7 hectares In extinguishing involved 283 people and 52 units of equipment noted in another message portal.

We will note, earlier to extinguish the fire in Siberia Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was sent to the head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov, who a week ago announced his intention to quickly extinguish all forest fires in the region for “two and a half days”.

The head of Buryatia asked the police to block access to the forest to all but fire 24.08.2015

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