Catalonia is preparing for a historic referendum on independencebefore the scheduled Sunday vote, which the government in Madrid is trying to hinder, in Baseline talking about the need to resolve the conflict after it.

On Saturday, as reports the Russian service of the BBC, the police sealed more than half of the schools in Catalonia, where it is planned to open polling stations, and also occupied the building, the telecommunications centre of the government of Catalonia.

The Chairman of Generalitat (government of Catalonia) Carles Pujdeme sure that the vote is not able to prevent, and proposes to solve the conflict after voting. In an interview with AFP, he said: “I will Win supporters, win or opponents (independence) – in any scenario should be the resolution, because (in this sense) nothing works.” (Quote by transfer RIA “news”.)

The head of Catalonia said that the supporters of region’s independence “will not abandon its rights,” and promised that together with like-minded people to take part in the vote. “We won’t go home,” he said.

The government of Catalonia is going to hold the 1st of October, the referendum on independence, which does not recognize the Spanish government. Spain’s constitutional court suspended all documents regarding the vote taken by Generalitat and the Catalan Parliament. The court declared all further actions of the Catalan authorities on the preparation of the referendum illegal.

The outcome of the vote is unclear. According to polls, the independence of Catalonia supports 41% of the population of the Autonomous community, 49% oppose. At the same time for a referendum on the status of the Autonomous communities are 80% of Catalans. However, the majority of respondents believe that the conduct of the voting must be agreed with the Central authorities in Madrid.

The head of Catalonia on the eve of the referendum announced the determination to vote and the need to “resolve” the conflict 01.10.2017

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