Catalonia declares independence from Spain in a few days, said the head of Generalitat Carles Pujdeme in an interview with the BBC. As noted British broadcaster, it’s his first interview since the referendum on independence held in Catalonia on Sunday with the hard opposition of the Spanish authorities.

BBC in the night on Wednesday unveiled some excerpts from the interview. It happened shortly after the speech of the king of Spain Philip VI, who accused the government of Catalonia in “unacceptable disloyalty” and lack of accountability. At the time of the interview with Pusdienam was taken shortly before.

The chief Executive of the government of Catalonia in an interview said that at present there are no contacts between his government and the authorities in Madrid no. He also criticized the EU’s position that what is happening is an internal affair of Spain.

Answering the question about the Declaration of independence, Putteman said that his government intends to act “at the end of this week or early next”.

To the question about what he would do in the case of direct intervention of the Spanish government, which may attempt to establish control over the authorities in Catalonia, he said: “This is a mistake that will change everything.”

A referendum on Catalan independence was held on Sunday, October 1. In the course of it in favor of the region’s independence from Spain voted 90% came to the land of local residents. The Spanish authorities refused to recognize the plebiscite. A similar position adhere and in the European Union.

In the referendum, the police tried to prevent the participation of citizens in the vote, resulting in clashes supporters of the Department with law enforcement officers. Affected about a thousand people.

Why not say king

The speech of king Philip IV in Catalonia many expected. In its submission, the BBC pays attention to what is not said the king and, according to many, was.

He made no mention of the numerous acts of violence against the Catalans gathered at polling stations on Sunday. Called for immediate dialogue between the authorities of Spain and Catalonia. Not said a word about the desire of the Catalans towards independence or at least to hold a legitimate referendum. He also did not say a single word in Catalan.

Meanwhile, in Catalonia, on Tuesday, around 700 thousand people took to the mass protests in the framework of a General strike in protest against the harsh measures of the police against the participants of the referendum on independence.

The head of Catalonia plans to declare independence “in the coming days” 04.10.2017

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