Two officials from the Khakassian government, apparently, will move from the capital to the settlements Vershina TEI and Sorsk. The head of region Victor Zimin has solved, that thus the problem of settlements, where starving workers, will be resolved faster.

In October, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case in connection with the hunger strike of 14 employees of the municipal utilities because of unpaid wages. This enterprise is engaged in the exploitation of centralized systems of drinking water supply and sanitation, as well as external and internal heat supply systems. Currently, the MUP is in the process of bankruptcy. Debt to the starving was more than 710 thousand rubles, and in total, the company owes employees 5.4 million rubles. Local officials blamed throughout the local population – so, in the Top of Thea’s 3.5 million residents are owed for utilities 11.5 million rubles.

At a meeting of the government of Khakassia, which was held yesterday, November 17, found that after six months the villagers still not going to pay for utility services, and debts to public utilities and has not been repaid, reports IA “Khakassia”.

Deputy head of Khakassia Republic Vladimir Markov said that MUP “the Management company” have to pay 1.6 million salary. Arrears on utility bills declined to 9 million rubles, but the debt consumers refuse to pay.

At the meeting in the government responsible for the situation officials confessed that they can not be disconnected from utility systems residents who refuse to pay. A statement of this fact provoked an emotional reaction of the Governor.

“I asked you to engage in this village. All the government. How much time has passed… I’m not afraid of this condition that someone will judge what I’m going to turn off the heat. No need to give a reason. When apply to power, they must be present in full. I also want the requirements that is, to the population, the full present. It’s an honest relationship. And wage budget not to write and not to take it away from those who honestly pays… No need of TEI to do some squalor. Everything is exactly have the income,” – said Zimin.

The same situation, as it turned out, exists in Sorsk, where the utility is in the verge of bankruptcy. However, there is the population pays all the same serviceability.

In the end, the head of Khakassia sent his Deputy Valery Markov and Minister of construction and housing and communal services of the Republic Sergey Mozharova to solve problems. “You Sora, you take the Thea. To live there! To command their departments on the phone” – quoted by a news Agency.

Additionally, the hunger strike in Vershina TEI, launched on 5 October, was suspended on November 15, before the court decision on bankruptcy of the enterprise. According Sibnet, coal for boiler-houses in these settlements were purchased, but in the confusion both of the settlement freeze.

The head of Khakassia sent officials to live in the freezing settlements, telling not to make them “misery” 18.11.2016

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