Latvia to 2017 will continue to strengthen its internal and external security, despite the fact that, according to the authorities, it is not threatened. In Riga not expected in the current year nor the end of the world or of military invasion, but in the outwardly – and internal political sphere, Latvia may not be weak, said Thursday on the foreign policy debate in the Seimas, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Latvia Edgars Rinkevics, reports Delfi.

In a global world no country is able to confront the challenges alone – whether they relate to the guarantee of peace and security, combating terrorism, migration or climate change. We can achieve results only in close mutual cooperation, he said.

“Often we hear, that Latvia needs to sit quietly on the sidelines – like a Bunny under the tree until near haunting, bad wolf. We once did so, until at the time have not lost the independence of their country. We can’t stand aside! Foreign policy and Latvia’s voice every day and every step should be more visible and naslyshany in the world. In foreign and internal policy of Latvia cannot be weak,” said the foreign Minister.

Rinkevich noted that although Latvia has many friends and allies who will come to her rescue in a difficult moment, but on economic growth, development and security of the country must first take care of themselves Latvians. Therefore, in failures, in his opinion, also to blame only themselves, not Brussels or the capital of any foreign state.

It is reported that in 2017 Latvia, in addition to strengthening its own security, will contribute to the strengthening of a United and secure European Union, to support the Latvian enterprises to help in the development of new export markets and to attract foreign investment and maintain close ties with the Latvian Diaspora.

We will remind, Latvia is one of Baltic countries, which have repeatedly expressed concern about the alleged imminent Russian invasion of the “Crimean” scenario. In this regard, at the summit of NATO in July, 2016 in Warsaw, a decision was made about the location of the 2017 four battalions of the Alliance, one in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. The transfer of troops has already started.

In addition, Lithuania and Estonia are planning to establish a regional air defence system. The media also wrote about the plans of Riga on the construction of some defensive fortifications on the border with Russia.

Russia is also increasing its forces on its Western borders, including in the city of Klintsy of the Bryansk region near the border with Ukraine and Belarus, where the planned reconstruction and construction of new facilities of a military base.

At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin called assumptions about allegedly posed by Russia of the danger of war fiction. According to him, Russia is not going to attack anyone. “In Europe alone, there are 300 million, all NATO members, to a population of 600 million people, probably, in Russia – 146 million. Well, just ridiculous about it to speak,” the President said in October of 2016, speaking at the plenary session of the international discussion club “Valdai” in Sochi.

The head of Latvian foreign Minister explained the need to strengthen the country’s a metaphor from the animal world 26.01.2017

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