Russia represents a growing threat to the stability of the UK and uses all modern means to achieve their goals. In an interview with The Guardian said the head of the British MI5 counterintelligence Andrew Parker.

As noted by Parker, at a time when much of the attention focused on Islamic extremism, secret actions on the part of other countries, among which particularly stands out Russia, represent a danger to the UK.

“She (Russia) will use all the possibilities of state bodies and force to push its foreign policy abroad is becoming more and more aggressive ways – using propaganda, espionage, sabotage and cyber attacks,” said Parker. Russia is currently promoting their policies throughout Europe and in the UK, the head of British intelligence, adding that the MI5 task – to counteract this.

Parker noted that Russia, like during the cold war, there is still a lot of intelligence officers in the UK, but there was also a new method of conducting subversive activities – cyberwar.

“Russia increasingly defines itself as opposition to the West and acts accordingly”, – said the head of counterintelligence. As an example, he cited Russia’s actions in Ukraine and Syria. But there is a large amount of activities associated with cyber threats that remain out of sight, he said.

Recall that in mid-October the British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, has said Russia must stop the “barbaric actions” in Syria. He called the civilian casualties in Aleppo crimes against humanity, and also spoke about the threat to global stability from Moscow, which is seen in the West.

Commenting on the intense confrontation between Russia and the West over the crisis in Ukraine and Syria, Johnson said that it is wrong to talk about a new cold war. According to him, although Russia does a lot of “terrible things”, hardly coming from her threat to the world can be compared with the danger that constituted the Soviet Union. Then the Minister said about the need for further pressure on Moscow through the UN and the international criminal court.

The head of MI5 has described Russia as a growing threat to the UK 01.11.2016

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