Despite the fact that created by writer Ian Fleming, James bond holds the world record for the number of rescues the world from disaster while simultaneously seducing beautiful women, the head of British foreign intelligence is not eager to see him as his subordinates.

The head of MI6 Alex Younger told The Daily Mailthat, in reality, spies have to deal with the physical and ethical problems in the most unattractive conditions on the ground. Cinematic agent 007 would not be able to cope with such loads, because it lacks moral stability.

“Unlike James bond, the MI6 officers do not go on transactions with conscience,” – said the Younger, which is derived in bondage under the letter “C”. In his opinion, James bond would not have been able to pass the set to the intelligence division.

Younger also noted that in fact MI6 agents – real patriots, whose loyalty is repeatedly tested. Such necessary for a spy quality is not displayed in such films as “From Russia with love” “Goldfinger”, “Skayfol” or “Spectrum”.

“Intelligence officer at the real MI6 has a high degree of emotional intelligence, values teamwork, and always has respect for the law,” said Younger.

“Rossiyskaya Gazeta” believes that the chief of British intelligence, which a priori is non-public figure and avoids media attention, gave an interview about the nature of service to Her Majesty in connection with the acute crisis in MI6. In recent years, indigenous British, graduated from prestigious universities, refuse to go to work in the exploration, preferring high-paying positions in prestigious corporations. So spies are increasingly trying to become the representatives of the non-indigenous population.

Recall, 007 James bond first appeared on screen in 1962. Currently, the longest franchise in the world has 24 pictures. In recognition of Ian Fleming, whose novels formed the basis of the series, the main prototype became super-spy Sidney Reilly, a native of Odessa who has become a legend of British intelligence in the years 1910-1920. He tried to overthrow Lenin, bribing his personal guard, participated in the murder of the socialist Yakov Bliumkin German Ambassador Mirbach, and the attempt on Lenin. He was arrested during the operation “Trest” GPU and executed on the personal orders of Stalin.

The head of MI6 refused to accept the service of James bond – not “moral sustainability” 27.10.2016

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