The head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov second time publicly stood up for the Director of “Prominvest” (“granddaughter” “Rostec”, the co-owner of the company “Barrier”) Alexander Gorbunov, who could be the organizer of the beating of journalist Oleg Kashin. The head of state said that the businessman was involved in resonant business subordinates, so as to get rid of a competitor. Cashin called this version untenable.

In an interview with RBC Chemezov said that in respect of Gorbunova “it was all staged in order to take away his business.” “Because all this has made the people who worked for him, which he caught by the hand. They were stealing and simply decided to clean it up. That’s all. I still believe that the way it is”, – said the head of Rostec.

Earlier, a similar version was voiced by himself Gorbunov. According to the businessman, colleagues made a conspiracy against him by faking his kidnapping in the spring of 2014, when the head of a “curtain” drew attention to “non-transparent transactions” in the company.

In an interview Chemezov said that he knows Gorbunova “on all sides as a positive person who can organize a serious production”. “His company makes parts for our factories. If he ceased to lead, the company could have collapsed and we have a large amount the order was not fulfilled,” – said the head of Rostec.

Chemezov reminded that met Gorbunov, when he was assistant to the former Minister of defense Anatoly Serdyukov. “Then he was the head of Department of external relations in the Ministry of defence. Then he left the Ministry, and I invited him to us. He was my Advisor and also was engaged in distressed assets in Novosibirsk,” – said the head of state Corporation.

In September, Kashin saidthat the case about the attack on him is revealed, calling Gorbunova the organizer of the crime. A few days later Chemezov gave a positive characteristic in business administration.

Then Gorbunova in his testimony referred to the key witness on the case about the attack on the journalist Alexander Meshkov, as well as the perpetrator Danila Veselov. Both claimed that the head of a “curtain” of revenge; thus Kashin for sharp statements in the address of the Governor of the Pskov area Andrey Turchak. Was also published a recordingon which Gorbunov, presumably, tells the accomplices plan of action after the attack.

In the summer of 2010 Oleg Kashin, Turchak mentioned in the comments in my Live Journal, used the adjective “CP***ing”. Turchak said: “Young man, you have 24 hours to apologize. You can do it here in the thread or by individual post. The time has gone” (later this post was removed).

In the night of 6 November 2010 the journalist was severely beaten in Moscow. Criminals inflicted more than 50 attacks, presumably with a piece of pipe or rebar. In the attack a journalist with fractures of the jaws, shins, brushes (one nail phalanx was actually torn) and traumatic brain injury was taken to hospital.

Turchak his involvement in the crime denies and claims that his conscience is clear, despite the testimony of the defendant and the witness.

Kashin explained the invalidity of the words of Chemezov and Gorbunova

Meanwhile statements Chemezov commented on the journalist Oleg Kashin. According to him, the version of the head of ‘Rostec’ is shared by many people who are defendants in the case about the beating, but it this has two disadvantages.

“This version (about weaning business. – Approx. has two disadvantages. First: it exists only in interviews and public statements of these people, and not to the materials of the investigation. Second: it does not explain why employees Gorbunova, which is already sitting on my case, it took attacking me for a few years before the outbreak of conflict on their enterprise,” said Kashin publishing

In addition, according to Kashin, the statement Chemezov in any case “sounds very interesting” and explains the reluctance of the Investigative Committee to let the case go on the attack. “With such patrons Gorbunov nothing to fear”, – concluded the journalist.

The head of Rostec stood up for a possible organizer of the beating of Kashin, but the journalist rejected his arguments 21.12.2015

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