The new Minister for foreign Affairs of great Britain to Boris Johnson’s Metropolitan police Service of London were forbidden to ride a bike on city streets because of the terrorist threat. And it in spite of its significant contribution to the development of Cycling infrastructure in London when he was mayor of the city. Now to work in the Ministry he is forced to get into the official limousine.

According to British newspaper The Daily Mail, being the mayor, Boris Johnson usually rode a Bicycle from home to city hall near tower bridge and other places of the city. Before London police forbade him from doing so, he hoped to continue the tradition after his election as Minister of foreign Affairs.

His friend told the newspaper The Sunthat the ban has caused irritation of the Minister, but because “the cops were adamant,” he agreed, which is too recognizable a target.

Ban Johnson to use the bike, will likely affect his decision to move into the official apartment reserved by the Ministry in the Carlton Gardens, which offers views of Buckingham Palace. Now the way to work with limousine takes more than an hour.

After his election, mayor of London Boris Johnson as their main priorities called the fight against crime, transportation issues, including through promotion of Cycling, organization of bike rental, belostenec and Bicycle paths in London. During the eight years of his tenure mayor of London (2008-2016) in the city there are city bike rental and a network of Bicycle lanes were renovated old and built new Cycling superhighway, the idea of which is that people from the suburbs quickly get to work.

As reported by the online edition of Velonation, the plan for the construction of highways was published in the fall of 2014, and now some of their segments have already been opened. For they are characterized by large dividing strip, speed humps at the entrances to the stops so that the bike is not knocked hurrying to the bus, pedestrians, small grate storm sewer – not to stuck wheels, welloperated that branch off from velocious, intersections equipped with welovecolors (new for London).

In 2011 London was the first and last times were in the top 20 best Cycling cities in the version of the Danish Bureau of Copenhagenize (compiled by 13 different criteria) took a 16th place.

Today, the share of bicycles in the British capital is growing, but slowly – until it is about 2% of all trips.

In the summer of 2015 Boris Johnson has accused the local police to “illegal transportation” wife on the bike.

The head of the British foreign Ministry Boris Johnson banned to ride a bike through the streets of London because of the terrorist threat 01.11.2016

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