Every other infrastructure, financed by taxpayers, was never built. The growth in the amount of budget funds spent “without achieving socio-economic result,” accelerated 12 times, told on Tuesday the head of audit chamber Tatyana Golikova, speaking in the Duma with the audit for the year 2016.

In the framework of the Federal address investment program it is planned to build 443 objects, and actually built and in operation only 244.

For example, according to the head of SP, in the system of the Ministry of education was provided to the input 47 of the construction facilities, 32 Federal property and 15 objects of regional and municipal property from which you entered 10 and 11, respectively.

Such “leakage” of the budget money goes not the first year. According to the audits, a total of 12 thousand objects on which it has been allocated 2.2 trillion rubles, listed as “construction in progress”.

The design work for each fourth such object has been allocated and spent, but construction has not begun, and “the future is not clear”; 1, 7 thousand objects “information absent,” said Golikova.

Of the 37 state programs 19 show the efficiency of “low” or “below average”. In monetary terms it amounts to 3.7 trillion roubles that in 2,3 times more than year ago, Golikova said.

At the same time continuing the growth of misreporting on the spending budget. By the end of 2016 was revealed the facts of falsification of data in the amount of 655 billion rubles. It is 5.5 times higher than a year earlier, said the head of the SP.

The chamber has carried out in accordance with the requirements of the law, checking of the annual report on the Federal budget for the year 2016 and presented a conclusion, the results of which suggested to support the bill on the budget for 2018 and the following three years.

The head of the chamber lamented the sharp increase in spending from the budget without “socio-economic result” 30.09.2017

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