The head of the CIA Mike Pompeo announced a multi-year attempts of Russia to undermine democracy in the United States: according to him, interference in the election campaign of 2016 has not been “original”. The head of intelligence said in an interview with MSNBC.

“They (the Russians) are doing it for an insanely long time. Decades, Russia is trying to undermine American democracy, he said. – So in a sense this is not news, but of course it focuses on our ability to understand how to stop them”. (Quoted by the Russian service of the BBC.)

The head of the CIA when it refused to confirm the information edition of the Washington Post, which said that Russia and President Vladimir Putin was somehow connected to the US presidential elections in 2016, says RBC.

The U.S. Congress and the FBI are currently investigating the alleged attempts of Russia to affect the outcome of the US presidential elections in 2016 to prevent Hillary Clinton from becoming President. The US intelligence services at the end of 2016, blamed the Kremlin-connected hackers in the attack on the servers of the Democratic party and the publication of leaks from the headquarters of Clinton.

In may as head of FBI was fired, James Comey, which began investigating ties between team trump with Moscow. The US President said that he can not effectively lead the Bureau, but opponents from the number of Democrats felt that resignation is connected with the investigation.

Moscow has consistently denied accusations of meddling in the election. President Putin called such claims an attempt to solve domestic issues with foreign policy tools.

The head of the CIA told about decades of Russian attempts to undermine democracy in the United States 25.06.2017

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