The head of the Karelian penal colony in Segezha (IR-7) Sergey Gassiev, of which the prisoner activist Ildar Dading in his message from the area was accused of torture and beatings in the beginning of the week suspended from management in connection with the investigation, reports “gazety” with reference to sources in FSIN. Instead, the colony is governed by his Deputy Alexander Serov.

“Cossies now is not the head of the colony, and his duties, the Deputy Alexander Serov. Thus, the checks should pass more objectively”, – quotes the edition of a senior officer of the Federal penitentiary service.

In the newscast on the TV channel “Russia 1″ on Wednesday, the case of Davnym commented Serov, and his position in the credits was listed as “acting head of the penal colony number seven”.

The regional Federal penitentiary service confirmed that the colony is headed by not Cossies, but linked it not with the suspension, but with another vacation, which he supposedly left a few days before the appearance of publications on torture, Dading. This information was confirmed by TASS representative of the personnel Department of the penal colony N7. “Cossies in the vacation,” she said, but the timing of the beginning and end are not specified.

The Chairman of the regional PMC Alexander Ruzanov confirmed that Cossies left “before the scandal”. In September, when allegedly was beating the Dading, “Cossies was in place, but now he’s on vacation,” he said. He also confirmed that the family Kosevich now down to harassment: “Letters with threats have come even his minor daughter, who actually this story has nothing to do”.

Cassava and his family took under protection due to persecution on the Internet

Family Cassava, according to “Gazety” taken under protection due to persecution that had been suffered by his family, and threats in the Network. “It was recommended to delete all information about themselves and their relatives from social networks, and also to move the head not one, but accompanied his colleagues. Also there are fears for the lives of his loved ones, because they also come threats in the Internet”, – said the source. Cossies himself, he said, is now considering filing appeals with the SC in connection with the threats.

Remote now page Cassava “Vkontakte” were filled with messages like “People, this is the page of the beast, fascist. He was torturing defenseless people cease to communicate with him, to say Hello. Normal people can’t look like this”, “I Hope that you, you bald-headed bitch, rot in hell, hung like Dading”, “Bastard buried alive with the rest of the cops or hang along the route of the creatures-humans”.

“This is after people are swimming in the toilet you do for fun?” commented one of the users photo Cassava from Thailand t-shirt with the inscription “I love Phuket”.

The account was kept of racist jokes, including photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who holds a portrait of U.S. President Barack Obama against the backdrop of a ballistic missile and says: “Today, we *** black.” Another joke posted on the page Cassava was devoted to his place of work: photograph shows children who eat at the table, and below is the caption: “it’s Amazing that children in schools eat up money, and prisoners are fed at the expense of the state.”

In the letter Ildar Dading from the area said that Cossies was personally involved in the torture: “11 Sep 2016, I came to the head of the colony with three employees. They started to beat me up. Just beat for the day four times, for 10 – 12 people at a time, and beat feet. After the third beating lowered his head in a toilet right in the cell, punishment cell,” claimed Dading.

During the physical examination Dading fell off my chair in a fit

The Deputy Director of Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN) of the Russian Federation Valery Maksimenko, speaking at a conference in the Public chamber of the Russian Federation, commented on the information that Dadina became ill during the examination.

“Yesterday during the inspection of the Dading a Commission of doctors he fell off his chair in a fit. Began discussing whether it was an epileptic fit or he was beaten to such a state. It’s a glitch and the FPS too. If there is a disease of the brain, the special inspection will show it, it will be completed in three hours”, – told reporters Maksimenko (quoted by TASS).

The Agency “Moscow” quotes Maksimenko otherwise: “the Team was his to protect. He was supposed to pick up but he fell down and had a discussion – whether it is an epileptic seizure, or that he was hit on the head that he had seizures”.

“Invited experts from the district hospital – the other is not there, there to a city 300 km – inspected-respected Ildar and came to a conclusion, it is on the site of the Federal penitentiary service, “- said Maksimenko.

“Survey of it continues at this moment too. If anyone of us tries to fake a heart attack, an EKG show a heart attack or not. We do not blame the government, but if there is a disease of the brain, it will show a special examination, echoencephalogram, which can be held in the Republican hospital. And then all will become clear. We have three hours to complete these surveys, and the information on the website of the Federal penitentiary service will be placed. It will be today”, – said the representative of the Federal penitentiary service.

The journalist Evgeny Levkovich said on his page on Facebookthat Maksimenko promised to let into the colony of any independent physician for the examination, the Dading.

“When distrust of the prison doctors, who have not found the See signs of torture, I can “tomorrow” to find any specialist you trust and Deputy head of the Federal penitentiary service allowed him to juvie. Will try to do so. That after the death threats, rape, and after dipping his head into the toilet no traces remain and can not, Maksimenko agreed,” wrote Levkovich. “By Maximenko I meet from now on at least once a month, personally, collecting during this time all possible information about the torture of prisoners in the colonies,” – said the journalist.

Surveillance video of the study investigators who have not yet confirmed the facts of torture

The Commission of independent doctors Segezha district hospital is not found at the Dading signs of any injuries. Meanwhile, according to the activist, the torture session took place 11 – 12 September, and a medical examination was conducted almost two months, so evidence can only be surveillance video.

According to Deputy Director FSIN Valery Maksimenko, “everything that happened since September, recorded on the cameras.” “Any interruption of the video – it is our fault. All records viewed by investigators,” he added.

The investigative Committee in the Republic of Karelia was published on the official website a statement that evidence of the use of physical force against Ildar Dadina is not found, however, in the statement said that these conclusions are made on the basis of interviews of prisoners and workers of the colony, and the records themselves are still being examined.

“To date, the convict received explanations to the materials of the verification attached medical documents, scheduled and conducted forensic examination. In addition, interviewed the health worker and the correctional colony, the number of convicted persons serving sentences in correctional colony seized video from surveillance cameras companies that are under investigation, the statement of SK. – Currently, the illegal application to convict of physical force do not find their confirmation. According to the results of conducted audit will be a procedural decision.

The Kremlin is waiting for the report Moskalkova, photographed with Davnym in the colony

According to the Deputy Director of the Federal penitentiary service, three days in a colony did not appear no one but the local ONC and Ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova, which arrived there in the night. Maksimenko lamented the fact that the defenders did not respond to the call of the Federal penitentiary service to go to the colony with the verification of complaints, the Dading.

Moskalkova about the visit to the colony mentioned in the comment to the TV channel “Rain” , the first Deputy head of the presidential administration Sergei Kiriyenko, stressing that the Kremlin is waiting for the Ombudsman’s full of information about the situation in the colony.

“Tatiana Moskalkova is right now in this institution, will understand and take the necessary decisions. I think everyone will listen to the recommendations of the Commissioner for human rights,” – said Kiriyenko.

In Instagram Moskalkova posted a picture of her meeting with Davnym. In the caption to the photo says that the meeting is held at the request of the prisoner.

In IK-7 in the town of Segezha am meeting with detainees Ildar Davnym at his request

The head of the colony, which sits Dading, does not work and taken under heavy guard 03.11.2016

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