The former mayor of Magadan, and nowadays the head of regional Duma Sergey Abramov, commenting on submitted Public chamber of Russia , the rating of the sobriety of the regions in which Magadan oblast took first place and became the “drinking” subject of the Russian Federation, explained that a large amount imported in the area of alcohol consumed not only by its inhabitants.

“The fact that the implementation of large amounts is the so-called North-Eastern regions of Yakutia. Us is the Federal highway “Kolyma”, is Yakutia, part of the wine and spirits products imported via sea trade port and is delivered to regions of Yakutia”, – explained the situation Abramov in an interview with Life.

“If you talk to the total volume of imported products, it does not mean that the entire volume consumed by the population living on the territory of Magadan region. Because certain volumes are transit transportation on territory of Yakutia. If it all misses in the method of calculation, it is absolutely unrealistic. You need to understand and see”, – said the head of the legislative Assembly of the Magadan region.

Another representative of the government of the Magadan region in an interview with RIA “news” also noted that data published rating can not be objective, since after a large part arrived in Magadan on the sea of alcohol goes on the highway “Kolyma” in Yakutia, “the process of carriage by road is not controlled.”

It is noteworthy that Yakutia in the rating of the sobriety of the regions were in the middle of the list – she’s got 52nd place after the Magadan region.

Among the most “drinking” regions with the Magadan region were also Kamchatka and Perm territories, Amur, Sakhalin, Kirov region, Republic of Buryatia, the Komi Republic and Karelia.

The creators of the rating analyzed the sales of 10 types of alcoholic beverages. Also among the evaluation criteria – the number of offenses related to illegal production and turnover of ethyl alcohol and alcoholic products.

The head of the Duma Magadan region explained a large amount of alcohol coming into the region, the needs of Yakutia 23.11.2016

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