European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker predicts two “lost years” Donald Trump for President of the United States. It will be the result of his inexperience in foreign policy and ignorance of the world, suggested the official.

As reported DW, Juncker said this before, speaking in Luxembourg in discussion with young people. “I think two years will be lost, while Mr. trump will go out into the world, which he does not know” – said the President of the European Commission the main Executive body of the European Union.

To the question whether the election trump in relations between the United States and Europe, Juncker said that the Americans are not interested in Europe. “This applies to the political class and ordinary Americans; they don’t know Europe,” he said. He recalled the statement of the future head of the White house during the election campaign: he said that Belgium is a “wonderful city”.

Juncker stressed that it does not interfere with Trump to raise the issue with the “dangerous consequences” – for example, about the effectiveness of NATO and proportion of spending on the military Alliance, the underlying security of Europe. “We must convey to the elected President, based on what Europe is and what principles it operates,” – said the head of the EC.

During the election campaign, Donald trump has repeatedly spoken out critically against NATO and wondered why the United States should play a leading role in the Alliance in the first place, in terms of allocation of finances. He pointed out that some NATO members do not pay contributions to its budget.

The head of the European Commission predicts “two lost years” President Trump 12.11.2016

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