Retail chains can replace the bonuses, limited to 5% according to the new amendments to the law on trade discounts to the same extent. In an interview with the Agency TASS said the head of the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) Igor Artemyev.

“But need it to limit bonuses. And in this sense the legislator is right, better to go through the discounts. In magnitude, as the mathematicians say, are one and the same – plus or minus, will still be a plus. But if you take without the module, the bonus is bad and the discount is good,” he said.

The amendments suggestthat the bonus that the supplier pays the retailer may not exceed 5%. Since July this year, new supply contracts, retailers have to conclude taking into account legislative changes, and the old need to brought into line with the new requirements until January 1, 2017.

The amendments also provide for limited additional payments to networks of providers, reducing delays in payment of the delivered goods and the increase in penalties for violation of the law.

The FAS at the stage of discussion of amendments promised next year to start unscheduled inspections of performance of retailers of amendments to the law on trade which concern reduction of the rebate and the terms of payment of the delivered goods. They can be performed before the new year.

Now, according to an interview Artemyev, the Ministry considers that to restrict the discount to retailers is not necessary. “On the other hand, we always said that we should not limit discounts. For example, you – trading network, you can get a 10% bonus, and may require from the supplier a 10% discount when you sell at the same price”, – added the head of FAS.

Artemyev has not excluded that if retailers and suppliers will create an effective system of industry self-regulation, the FAS will support a mitigation of the law.

“We as a regulator will say that if there is a measure that gives results, then why introduce excessive regulation? Any excessive regulation will lead to the fact that investing in this area will be less. We can lose over time, tens of billions of rubles into a very useful and necessary public infrastructure, and can be, these limiting measures are generally unenforceable?” – said Artemyev.

The head of the FAS advises retail chains to replace the limited statutory bonuses from suppliers discounts 04.11.2016

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