The Agency Reuters has learned about the motives, so the resumption of the investigation in respect of the official correspondence of former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton became public. Sources claim that the head of the FBI, James Comey told Congress, fearing possible leaks.

Now the study of letters in the computer of former Congressman Anthony Wiener is held in strict secrecy at the headquarters of the FBI in Washington.

Wiener – the husband of Huma Abedin, the closest assistant of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Sources Reuters’t know if new details of the investigation before the presidential election on 8 November. “It all depends on how it will be and that will be able to detect” – quoted by one of the interlocutors TASS.

In late October, two weeks before the US presidential elections, Komi Republic notified the chairmen of the several committees in Congress that renews Bureau of investigations in connection with the use of Clinton’s personal email server in the years of her tenure as Secretary of state (2009-2013). Komi explained this decision by the appearance of some emails allegedly associated with the specified case. What exactly are the new investigative actions of the FBI and that they are directed, not officially reported.

The decision of the head of the FBI to resume the proceedings produced a bombshell and resulted in fierce criticism from Democrats.

Previous such proceedings, the FBI ended in the summer. In July, the Bureau and oversees its Ministry of justice, simultaneously performing the functions of the Prosecutor General, has announced that it will not bring Clinton to justice for the use of private servers.

The head of the FBI has revealed details about the new investigation against Clinton’s fear of leaks, according to Reuters 04.11.2016

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