The head of the Federal customs service (FCS) Andrei Belyaninov, whose home and office the day before passed searches, passes the witness on criminal case about contraband alcohol. Details of investigations leads “Kommersant”.

According to the publication, the searches in a country estate Belyaninov held as “immediate investigative action, in any case, the court approval is not given, and the head of the FCS the visit of the police was “a complete surprise”. Nothing illegal (weapons, drugs) at the head office not found.

With regard to different watches, paintings, jewelry and large sums of cash (9.5 million rubles, 390 thousand dollars and 350 thousand Euro), the consequence intends to find out how legit they were at the Belyaninov. The official said that it was his private savings.

Searches were also conducted in the Central building of the FCS on Novozavodskoy street. Investigators worked in the office Belyaninov, and the offices of two Vice – Andrei Strukov and Ruslan Davydov. Similar investigations were conducted in the office of LLC “Insurance company “Arsenal”, whose President is Sergei Lobanov, who previously worked as an Advisor Belianinov.

“Kommersant”, citing familiar with the situation sources, claims that after the searches the head of the FCS was questioned as a witness. After questioning this status is preserved. What status are his deputies Strukov and Davydov, is not specified.

After became aware of the investigative events involving Belyaninov, appeared in the media rumors that he six months ago, wrote a letter of resignation. Official confirmation of this information is not found.

Searches Belyaninov took place in the framework of the investigation of smuggling a large batch of cognac Courvoisier 1912, provedennogo through the port of Ust-Luga is under construction sealant. The charges it brought against the Director General of the holding company “Forum” Dmitry Mikhalchenko, his Deputy Boris Kanevskomu, Deputy General Director of OOO “Logistik Central North-West Anatolia Kindzerska and Director of “South-East trading company” Ilya Pichko. The defendants were arrested in March this year.

According to investigators with special status and connections Kindzerska in FCS, they have created criminal group which was engaged in illicit deliveries to Russia of elite alcohol and other goods. Now members of the group accused of smuggling 1.7 million rubles.

] Concluded from the result of pre-trial cooperation agreement and said that thanks to the ex-Advisor to the head of the FCS Lobanov “, Central Logistik Nord-West” received a special status, which assumed a more loyal mode of customs inspection. According to “Kommersant”, investigators wanted Belyaninov during interrogation confirmed or denied this information.

The Federal customs service of Russia, whose responsibilities include control and supervision in the field of customs Affairs, as well as functions of currency control agent and special functions to combat smuggling and other offences, was founded in 2004. Of the 12 years of existence of the Federal body for 10 office manages it Belyaninov, was appointed head of the FCS may 12, 2006.

In the second half of 1980-ies he was a member of the Soviet Embassy in East Germany, where, according to media reports, met with the future President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, who at that time worked in Dresden.

The head of the FCS, which were searched, was a witness in the case about the smuggling of alcohol 27.07.2016

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