The Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko has opposed
substantial reductions in defense spending, which could cause
damage to the defense. She stated this to journalists on Thursday,
October 13, reports “Interfax”.

“Social spending is a top priority, which is not discussed”, – said the speaker of the Federation Council. TASS said that
Matvienko recalled President Vladimir Putin, stressing that
this priority was at the time marked them.

“Of course, you can always optimize costs. In the area
of defense, the optimization is only possible up to those limits that do not
will allow to weaken the defenses of our country. In those conditions, in
which we are, this is one of the most important and main priorities”, –
said Matvienko.

Appearing at the enterprises of the military-industrial complex and all
world new and innovative design and technology then
implemented in other industries, said Matvienko and added: “it is Impossible
kill the goose that lays the eggs, the more gold.
The military-industrial complex it is necessary to develop and maintain

It has been said in connection with the proposal of the head of the Center for strategic
development Alexei Kudrin to change the priority of the budget in favor of spending
on medicine and education.

Spending on national defense, however, in any case reduced,
as noticed
Kudrin, due to the fact that revenues have decreased and will decrease
the budget deficit.

From the conclusion of the Duma Committee on the defense bill
the performance of last year’s budget in 2015, defense spending decreased
compared to the initially planned of 3.1%, or 100.2 billion
rubles, and the Ministry of Finance offers of the Ministry of defence in 2017 to reduce costs
a further 6%. Health care costs in 2017, the government decided
reduce by 33%.

Recall that Kudrin on 21 September was attended by
as a counselor at a Cabinet meeting, which discussed the project
the budget, which should go for approval to the state Duma to 28

The head of the Federation Council warned against reducing spending on the defense industry, calling it “an important priority” 13.10.2016

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