Foreign Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson has accused Russia of deliberate bombing of the rescuers in the area of Aleppo, using the tactics of “double impact”. On Saturday morning there were reports of new attacks by Russian aircraft on rebel-controlled part of the city, reports Reuters. According to some, came under attack at the hospital.

Johnson has accused Russia of “war crimes” in Syria in an interview with British tabloid The Sun , the most popular newspaper in Britain.

Sun notes that the prosecution of Johnson is the most serious among Western politicians voiced in the address of President Putin and his generals” during the five-year conflict.

The British foreign Secretary said: “One thing that, in my opinion, is definitely a war crime – a double blow that they (Russian space forces) use. They drop one bomb, then wait until the rescuers and the civilian to pull victims from the rubble, and five minutes later drop another bomb”.

Johnson said: “we Have evidence. There is good reason that Russians make it. We’re trying to document this because, from my point of view, it is definitely a war crime”.

Meanwhile, Reuters with reference to representatives of the militia and human rights activists reported a new bombardment of Aleppo. They focused on two main traffic arteries in the areas controlled by the rebel troops. Also reported large-scale fighting in the Suleiman al-Halabi’s text: the state of the media report of a successful army offensive, a source among the rebels deny loss of territory.

French project Kenya Charity in his Twitter reports that at least 10 charges were in the building of one of the hospitals in Aleppo. Also published a few videos about the bombing, in which civilians suffer. One of them was allegedly the moment of impact at one of the hospitals filmed by a surveillance camera inside the building. On another rescue operation, during which manage to dig the young man completely covered in concrete dust and chunks of rebar.

Ss Enterré les décombres, nos secouristes ont sauvé la vie de cet homme. #VoiciAlep Envie d’agir? Gala SyriaCh-Paris

The head of the foreign office accused Russia of deliberate bombing of the rescuers in Syria using the tactics of “double impact” 01.10.2016

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