Director of national intelligence James clapper has filed a resignation. It was announced on Thursday, November 17, at a hearing of the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress, according to Reuters.

As transfers CNN, the complaint was filed the evening before, in this position, he will remain at 64 days.

General mark Hertling, a military analyst for CNN, said that Clapper is already long in the exploration and “for decades in tension”.

75-year-old Klepper stressed that the resignation is not connected with health. In his speech he stated that during his work in the intelligence he had never encountered such a variety of threats that have emerged for the United States today. He referred to the Russian aggression, the nuclear program of North Korea and the growing threat of cyberwarfare.

Klepper said that Russia plans to expand its presence at its naval base in Tartus in Syria to provide naval operations in the Eastern Mediterranean sea, reports Reuters.

When asked about the activities of Russian hackers, Klepper replied that information operations will continue, and he does not expect “significant changes in the behavior of Russia”.

The resignation occurred on the background of discussions of the direction of the intelligence the administration of President-elect Donald trump.

NBC News reports with reference to the Klepper that he promised to resign at the end of President Obama’s term. “More than 50 years of service – more than enough,” he said in an interview.

According to TASS, participating in hearings, first Deputy Minister of defense Robert Wark, in turn, joked that the Pentagon saw the statement of the Klepper, but “lost it”. “Of course, we want you gone,” he added.

As Director of the N. I. USA was created after the attacks of 11 September 2001 in the framework of a large-scale reform of the U.S. intelligence services. Clapper’s career began with service in the marine corps. He participated in the Vietnam war, 73 military missions in Laos and Cambodia.

Then he continued his service as head of military intelligence. From this position he retired in September 2001, returned to government as Director of the National geospatial intelligence Agency. In August 2010 he became the fourth DCS, coordinating the activities of all 17 us intelligence agencies.

During the election campaign, he coordinated the work of the security services for investigation of Russian interference in presidential elections and admitted her part in the attack on the database of the Democratic party.

In October at a conference in new York Council on international Affairs, he determined the main principle of foreign policy of Russian President Vladimir Putin: “Vladimir Putin sees Russia as a great country, a great power. Their main goal is to ensure that the US treated Russia as a great power”.

The head of the national intelligence of the USA James Klepper resigned 17.11.2016

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