The Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic cooperation (OIC) Iyad Madani on Monday, October 31, two days after publicly expressed humorous remarks about the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, resigned for health reasons, reports The New Arab.

Although the statement of the organization, located in Jeddah (Western Saudi Arabia), the resignation associated with “health” Madani, media suggest a link with his comment, made last week at the conference, and caused the indignation of the Egyptians.

Former Saudi Minister confused the name of the Tunisian President Beja Qaeda es-sebsi named al-Sisi and tried to rectify the situation with a joke. “Mr. President Beji qaid al-Sisi. Es-sebsi, I’m sorry. This is a big mistake. I have no doubt that your refrigerator is not just water,” asked Madani to the Tunisian President.

This was an allusion to the words spoken by the CC last week at the youth forum in Sharm El-Sheikh about what’s in his fridge for ten years was only water. These words explains TASS, the Egyptian President has tried to inspire young entrepreneurs on the need to rely on their own strength and not waiting for outside help, especially in the current difficult economic situation.

Egyptian newspaper “al-Masry al-yum,” wrote that the Egyptians perceived the error Madani as a deliberate insult, reports NEWSru Israel.

Foreign Minister Sameh shoukry said that this remark Madani was a “serious encroachment” on the state party organization and its political leadership. “Such comments are inconsistent with the duties and responsibilities of the Secretary-General of the organization and have a significant impact on his ability to carry out their duties”, – reads the statement of the Ministry, which is, in particular, in his account in Facebook.

Although Madani, who headed the organization in 2014, he apologized, noting he did not want “to insult the Egyptian leadership,” Saudi Arabia has appointed the former Minister of social Affairs Yousef al-Uthaimin. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Egypt supported the candidacy, praising the important role of Saudi Arabia in the OIC. “Egypt looks forward to continued close cooperation with the OIC Secretary General and his Secretariat,” – said in a statement the foreign Ministry of Egypt.

The head of the Organization of Islamic cooperation has resigned after a joke on the President of Egypt 01.11.2016

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