Russia chose to be a competitor of the West and has become more aggressive, said the British defense Secretary Michael Fallon told the BBC. In his opinion, Russian pressure on the Baltic States.

Speaking in the television programme Andrew Marr Fallon said: “We are seeing a much more aggressive Russia. We wanted Russia to be a partner of the West, but obviously she decided to become a competitor.” (Quoted by TASS.)

“They (Russians) had muscle-flexing in the Black sea, voenizirovanaya the Crimea, began to exert pressure on the Baltic States,” said Fallon, apparently referring to the transfer of missile complexes “Iskander” in the Kaliningrad region, the westernmost region of Russia.

In the Russian defense Ministry, the re-deployment of “Iskander” explained combat crew training. They added that secret did not do, and the process clarified the parameters of the American military satellites, followed by transportation.

Previously, the press Secretary of President Putin Dmitry Peskov said that Russia is taking the only steps in response: “This is not Russia is close to someone’s borders, it is the military infrastructure of NATO closer to Russia’s borders, and action is taken to change the strategic balance of forces.”

The head of the UK Ministry of defense said that Russia has refused partnership with the West 09.10.2016

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