The chief of Department of own safety of Investigative Committee (SKR CSS) Mikhail Maksimenko, passing on the case of bribe from the thief in law Zachariah kalashova (Shakro Young), in the SIZO “Lefortovo” fell into severe depression and his lawyers have made examination of the defendant in 20-th hospital to find out whether you can detain him, according to the community website “Open Russia”.

Medical examination scheduled for Monday, October 31. The basis for it was the decree of the Russian government dated 14 January 2011 “On medical examination of suspects or accused of committing crimes”, which was adopted with the filing of human rights defenders after the death in jail of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, that the defendants had not died during preliminary investigation due to not receiving necessary medical care. Doctors have compiled a list of severe illnesses which prevent detention. The Board of physicians must decide whether Maksimenko diseases from this list.

Human rights defenders on 14 October notedthat the state Maksimenko worse than it was the General of the interior Ministry Boris Kolesnikov, who in the summer of 2014, according to the official version, committed suicideby jumping from the sixth floor window of the building of the Investigative Committee in Moscow.

They met with the arrested member of the UK in the SIZO “Lefortovo” on Sunday, October 30. As the member of the Public oversight Commission (POC), Moscow Zoya Svetova, “the Colonel looked very bad. Same as before, struggled to find words. He said that prison officials promised that on Monday will take him to the hospital, but he did not understand why.” According to human rights activist, Maksimenko told that he was afraid to eat the prison food and eats only what is passed into the prison lawyers.

“Prison is the worst thing in life”

“It seemed to us that the Colonel is in severe depression, like a week ago, when we visited it the last time, described meeting Zoya Svetova. When I was trying to cheer him up and reminded that many famous people were in jail and then were released and all have been good, Maksimenko was listening to me blankly, as if I was talking to someone else. And when I said that being behind bars is not a tragedy, the Colonel, still swaying, as do people with symptoms of clinical depression, a quiet voice said, “Prison is the worst thing in life”. I said, “Worse than war? Worse than death?” He replied: “Yes, terrible”.

“When we said goodbye, I asked the Colonel to smile. His face was still tense, he hid his eyes, and all his movements seemed mechanical and unnatural. “Smile not” he replied and turned away, usually with his hands behind his back. I was seeing him off: 40-year-old Colonel went on Lefortovo corridor slowly, barely dragging his feet as if he was well over 70″, – said the human rights activist from the PMC.

If the medical Commission of 20 minutes from the hospital, decide that Maksimenko can not be detained, the decision to release must take Lefortovo court, who took him into custody, or FSB investigator in charge of criminal proceedings.

20 Oct defenders Maksimenko appealed to the head IC Alexander Bastrykin with a complaint against Deputy chief of the investigative Department of the FSB, Colonel of justice Michael Savitsky, who, according to lawyers, demanded from Maksimenko’s full confession of guilt, the conclusion of pretrial agreement on cooperation and testimony against others.

The complaint stated that the Colonel was given a “prohibited substance, pharmacological properties aimed at the suppression of his will, which subsequently led to the breakdown of the mental state Maksimenko in the background earlier, he had contusions of the brain, received in the line of duty”. As argued by the advocates of major changes in his behavior occurred after the interrogation of the FSB: the prisoner could not remember his name, didn’t know anybody, went bad and could not write.

Before you get in the “Lefortovo”, Maksimenko was kept in the psychiatric ward of the hospital “Butyrka” in the ward for suicidal. The Federal penitentiary service denied reports of deterioration in his health.

Mikhail Maksimenko, his Deputy Alexander Limonov and the first Deputy head of the Moscow dome RCDS Denis Nikandrov was arrested in July 2016. According to investigators, for the money they were promised help in liberation from jail the associates of crime boss Zakhary Kalashov.

The head of USB SKR arrested on the case Shakro Young, in prison fell into a severe depression and gained expertise in the hospital 31.10.2016

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